Favourite Products!

My Favourite Things – May

You know the drill – right? Here’s the beauty foodie finds that have been floating my boat this month.  Another eclectic round up… Did you expect anything less?

Elf Shine Eraser Blotting Sheets

Elf Shine Eraser Blotting SheetsElf oil blotting sheetsI get a super shiny face during the day and really detest having to re-powder my face to take the shine away. Then I discovered Elf’s blotting sheets! These are little pieces of oil absorbent paper which you press onto the shiny parts of your face to soak up excess oil and remove shine. Check out my dedicated product review photo, mid demonstration.  Despite having read bad reviews on this particular product, I thought for NZ$3 I’d live on the edge and give them a whirl. I’m glad I did: I reckon they are fab! Check out my demo photos. Bonus marks for not smudging my makeup either. These are a must have in my handbag: Top marks. Price: $3 from Kmart. (PS I’ve heard that Starbucks napkins make fabulous blotting sheets… Anyone tried these?! I’m nervous mentioning that… I’ve got visions of Starbucks experiencing a surge in popularity next week, followed by a sudden and unexplained mass exodus of their serviettes… (more…)

My Favourite Things – March

Avon A-F33 Pro-Line Corrector Treatmen

Who hijacked March? Where did it go? I missed it!  Here’s my (very random) assortment of beauty and foodie goodies I gave a good bash in February.  Note,  I would have put Vaseline Spray On Moisturiser and Avo Smash in here as firm favourites, but I’ve already raved about both of these (has anyone tried my Avo Smash recipe yet?) These two loves aside, here’s what else has been spinning my wheels lately.

Avon A-F33 Pro-Line Corrector Treatment – I’ve already raved about the Hydrating Cream from this range. Now I’m in love with the pro-line corrector treatment that my friend Toni thrust at me. “Try this” she said. Um, Toni, can I grab your bank account number? Coz you’re not getting this back, sorry.  For the past two weeks I’ve smoothed this lightweight gel-lotion over my face and neck morning and night after toning (and before moisturising). Already I’ve noticed a visible reduction in fine lines and I swear the deep groove that runs through the centre of my forehead has diminished.  Looks like Avon’s claim that the A-F33 molecule helps stimulate collagen carries some weight…  I can see why this product has won a lot of beauty awards.  Now I want my eye cream to run out so I can get A-F33’s offering.
Price: $60 for 30ml from your local Avon lady. (more…)

My favourite things – January

Here’s my beauty and foodie favourites from January… There’s a few!

rimmel nudeimageRimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Nude EyelinerEek, what’s with the long product names? My super thoughtful friend lovely Caron sent me this from Aussie after reading my whinge in a blog post that Rimmel doesn’t sell this eyeliner shade in NZ (Kiwis:  But we can get it online). I know what you are thinking… “Why the heck do you use a nude eyeliner for??”  To wake up tired eyes, that’s why! You know when you are tired and the rims of your eyes go red?  Well, run a nude colour eyeliner on the waterline (i.e. your inner eye rim) and you are sorted: The red is neutralised back to ‘flesh colour’.   Because this pencil is waterproof it will last a lot longer on that part of your eye (‘coz it’s slightly damp). Genius. You can, incidentally, use a white eyeliner, but a nude shade is so much more natural looking.  Rimmel NZ: Please start stocking this shade!  Here’s a photo of me (right) wearing this eyeliner on my waterline.
Price: NZ$9 (from ASOS with free postage)