Booty Barre NapierI reconnected with my high school buddy Lisa a few months back and discovered she runs Booty Barre classes right here in sunny Taradale . Booty Barre?  Say what?

Booty Barre is an energetic and fun workout done to music that fuses, Pilates, dance and yoga . It guarantees toning, definition and chiselling of the whole body (not overnight though, dammit).  Being the kind of chick who generally likes to give new things a go, I was keen to find out more.  So my mate Toni and I set off in the quest to achieve a bum that would do Jennifer Lopez proud.

The word ‘barre’ comes in as some of the workout centres around grasping the ballet barre for stability or stretching and sometimes resistance. Throughout the class, there are exercises done without the barre though, like using giant stretchy bands and a yoga mat. Given the growing popularity of strength based workouts, I have a feeling Booty Barre is going to be the next best thing .

Booty Barre NapierBooty Barre was created by US celebrity fitness trainer and international fitness expert Tracey Mallet and Lisa first stumbled across the movement whilst internet surfing.  As a Pilates instructor Lisa had been looking for a while for a workout and Booty Barre immediately struck Lisa as the fun and inspirational workout she’d been hunting for. Clearly not one to muck around, Lisa sprang into action, first practicing Booty Barre in her hallway in front of her computer (she didn’t have Wi-Fi at home back then) then attending instructor training in Aussie earlier this year.  Today Lisa is one of two Booty Barre instructors in NZ – the only one in the North Island.

Lisa’s passion for fitness and inspiring women lead her to establish her business ‘360 Barre Pilates’ and classes are run out of the fabulous modern studio in the Plus Rehab facility in Lee Road.  Lisa’s classes have a good turnout and appeal to all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages. I was a bit ashamed of my unfit state when Lisa told me a spritely 84 year old client enjoyed herself so much she signed up for a full term of classes!

Lisa is certainly well qualified in the fitness stakes. Having first trained as a personal trainer in 2001 she moved to Perth and got hooked on Pilates. After completing a two year intensive Pilates Instructor course Lisa moved home to Hawke’s Bay in 2004 and introduced Pilates Mat classes and opened an equipment-based Pilates studio.

When she’s not busy springing around and wiggling her (very fine) booty Lisa is married and is a proud Mum to two young sons.  She’s clearly not one to sit still, as well as starting up her own business she’s also moved rurally which she says has been both fun as well as a big learning curve!  Having spent a lot of time learning about food and nutrition, word has it that Lisa is a dab hand in the baking department: Note to self, I must waggle an invite to her house for morning tea… 

When I asked Lisa what Booty Barre has done for her clients, there’s several benefits she mentions. First, is her clients report feeling more energised with increased fitness levels, and, in terms of body shape, everyone comments that over time they can visibly see improvements in terms of increased toning and body definition. Your legs and bum will be the big winners here, which is no surprise as the movements particularly incorporate a lot of movement in the hamstrings, glutes as well as all the muscles in the back of your body.

If you are interested in a new kind of workout, I’d definitely recommend checking out Lisa’s classes.  All you need for the workout is comfy clothing, like what you’d wear if you were going out for a walk. Water and a towel are also a must. You’ll be in need of a big drink at the end: This is a fun workout that definitely gets your blood pumping!

Now, here’s an offer you don’t get every day! For all you lovely Hawke’s Bay ladies Lisa is kindly offering all first time Booty Barre goers a complimentary Booty Barre class for your first time. All you need to do is contact Lisa through 360 Barre Pilates to book. How nice is that?  All the details you need, including session times and current pricing, is available here:  Facebook page is:

Why not get a group of girlfriends together and shake your booty?!

Booty Barre Napier

booty barre napier