Shake your Booty – at Booty Barre

Booty Barre NapierI reconnected with my high school buddy Lisa a few months back and discovered she runs Booty Barre classes right here in sunny Taradale . Booty Barre?  Say what?

Booty Barre is an energetic and fun workout done to music that fuses, Pilates, dance and yoga . It guarantees toning, definition and chiselling of the whole body (not overnight though, dammit).  Being the kind of chick who generally likes to give new things a go, I was keen to find out more.  So my mate Toni and I set off in the quest to achieve a bum that would do Jennifer Lopez proud. (more…)

Blogging – One Year On…

SAMSUNG CSCThis time last year I was frazzled. I was deep in the middle of one of my busiest weeks of the year at work. I was frantically getting my family organised for a three week family holiday to Thailand and Singapore. So, what better time to start a blog? Right?  I reckon there’s no such thing as a good time to do anything. So, on that basis, I stopped analysing the pros and cons of starting a blog and simply took action.  I’m so glad I did: The last 12 months with The Beauty Foodie blog has been a fantastic ride and I’ve found my new happy place.

I am often asked why I started blogging and what I enjoy the most about it.  So, as The Beauty Foodie celebrates its first birthday this week, I thought the answers to those questions would make a great blog post! (more…)

Cauliflower Rice Recipe – A game changer for carb lovers

cauliflower rice recipeI love carbs and stodge. There it is, I’ve said it. Very un-PC of me, I know.  Bread, potatoes (including hot chips), crackers, kumara, couscous, pasta, rice… Oh yes, rice.   I love all stodge: It makes my heart sing. Unfortunately stodge also make my bum large and my jeans shrink. Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog post where I’m going to rant about  my weight  and vow to drop to a size 10 before spring (and subsequently commence blogging my weight loss journey and exercise regime).  I am a curvy girl, I happen to like most of my curves, I just wish last winter’s jeans fit – and dammit, they will be worn again someday soon!  So why have my jeans shrunk? Simple case of more ‘input than output’. I take responsibility – I know my love of stodge is partly to blame!

Hang on, I can hear you thinking, where do carbs and shrinking jeans fit in with a recipe for Cauliflower Rice?  That’s easy!  I’ve been trying to cut down on carbs (particularly at night time) in a quest to reclaim my shrinking jeans. Being a lover of pasta and meat in a sauce, I was really struggling with relinquishing these, but then my Aunty Angie, who has lost a truckload of weight recently,  asked me if I’d tried “cauliflower rice” as she partly attributes her weight-loss to knocking carbs on the head at dinner time. That was enough to motivate me to go and buy a cauliflower and get in the kitchen and started playing.  It turns out that I might have been living under a rock: I’ve since been hearing about cauliflower in the place of rice/couscous everywhere!  It’s hugely popular with the Paleo way of eating.   Anyhow, I’m now really happy to share with you this gem of a recipe that has seen us eating, with gusto, this guilt-free rice-like substitute.  Cauliflower rice is easy, delicious and, importantly, it’s a great way to consume more veges and add bulk and density to a dish, without the calories.   I hope you enjoy!  (more…)