Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

eyeshadow for hooded eyes

Look straight ahead in the mirror, relax your eyebrows. Can you see your eyelid? I can’t…

I have spent a large number of years being bummed out about my hooded eyelids. I used to despair how painstakingly applied eyeshadow would totally disappear when my eyes were open. My eyelids were a total waste of eye makeup.  Fast forward to a few years ago and great news: I’ve learnt some clever eye makeup tips and tricks that make the most of my eye shape and now when I wear eye makeup, you can see it!

Hooded eyelids, it turns out are very common, particularly in folk from Asian or Scandinavian descent. Lots of people reckon hooded eyes are sexy and alluring: “Bedroom eyes” they are often called. We’ll take that, right girls?

Wait a second…  Not sure if you have hooded eyes? Here’s how to find out: Look straight ahead in a mirror and relax your eyebrows. Can you see your eyelid without needing to close your eyes slightly, or needing to tilt your head back a little? Nope? Are you playing “where has my eyelid gone?” Welcome to a well-populated club: You have hooded eyes.

So, if, like me, you have hooded eyes and you’d like to learn how to make the most of what you’ve got: Keep reading! Note, you might like to read this blogpost in tandem with this blogpost which explains the different part of the eye from an eye makeup perspective :) (more…)

Kale Chips (where have I been?)

kale chips recipeI was a kale virgin until recently – I kept hearing about this superfood (mainly on my Facebook newsfeed from all the Paleo/Cleaning eating sites that I admire).   When I saw some in my local green grocers for the grand total of $2, I thought I’d give kale a whirl. “How do you like to eat kale?” I asked my local Asian greengrocer. “As chips” he replied and he talked me through how to make them. “I’m into this”, I thought and I busted it out for dinner. YUMMM!  Crunchy, delicious, healthy goodness. A new favourite food!  We’ve had them three times in the last couple of weeks.

As an aside, it turns out I’m a late bloomer… Kale Chips have been on trend for years with Hollywood folk (probably as kale is a nature super-food and jam packed full of nutrients) and, more recently they’ve been applauded by clean eaters and paleo lovers. Where have I been? It’s a bit like when you get a new car, a model you haven’t heard before, then after you’ve been driving in it for five minutes you realise every other sod has one.   Anyhow, I figure if I’m a kale virgin, you might be too, hence this post and, clearly if my local green grocers’ kale chip recipe has made it as a blog post, I’m a fan! So, if you are looking to get more greenery in your diet, or want low calorie meal ideas, or you were a fan of my roast cabbage recipe, get cracking with cooking kale chips, coz kale chips are every bit as good as roast cabbage. (more…)

Removing Waterproof Mascara… How the heck?

Taking off waterproof mascara“Lou, how the heck do I take off waterproof mascara or eyeliner?” Given I usually recommend waterproof mascara for everyday use, this is a great question that I’m often asked.

Truth be told waterproof mascara is a stubborn bugger to remove and you probably won’t get it off with a regular face cleanser.  On that note, please: Don’t take your eye makeup off  by rubbing at your eyes with a flannel and water (or regular face cleanser): The skin on your under eye area is incredibly thin and delicate and is the first area where people show aging.  Rubbing, tugging  or using unsuitable products on this fragile area will cause premature aging, so treat it with respect, tonnes of love AND the right products.  You’ll thank me for this in years to come… :) (more…)

Spotlight on: L’Oreal Shocking Extensions Telescopic Mascara (waterproof)

Loreal Telescopic Mascara Review RT

Before and after. I applied three coats of mascara (what can I say, I like a little drama)

It’s no secret that a) I rarely leave the house sans eyelashes and brows and, b) Maybelline’s The Falsies is my No1 mascara. I love The Falsies because it’s inexpensive (well, as cheap as makeup ever is in NZ) and it gives me eyelashes that are so dramatic I’m often asked if I have eyelash extensions.  So, it is extraordinarily rare that I will stray and buy a different brand. On a whim, I bought L’oreal’s Shocking Extensions Telescopic  Waterproof Mascara and the short version of the story is: This product is a CRACKER and I reckon it’s nearly as good as The Falsies. Check out the before and after photo. Result! (more…)

Decadent Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

stuffed mushroom recipeThese bacon wrapped mushrooms are seriously mouthwatering morsels of goodness that will have any mushroom fan begging for more. We have these quite regularly as a side dish, although they went down a treat when we had friends over for dinner recently when I made them as pre-dinner nibbles!

Get creative with these: You don’t need to use a cream cheese/feta mix, if you are a blue cheese lover, why not use that? Instead of using chopped fresh herbs, why not use a heaped teaspoon of pesto? Like things spicy? Add some chilli flakes to the cheese. You get the idea. (more…)

Captain Country Chicken Recipe

captain country chicken recipe

Captain country chicken – minus the almonds, I’d run out :)

Here’s a super yummy recipe that has long since been a favourite of mine. Why? Because: It’s inexpensive to make; It’s fuss free enough to have mid week;  Everyone gobbles it up without fuss (there’s a picky eater in my house whom I love dearly, but who makes me tear my hair out);  It can feed the masses (I cooked it once for a family gathering of 20 people, no worries), or if you don’t feed the masses, it’s even more delicious the next day as leftovers for lunch, or better still, dinner (I love a leftover friendly meal that means I can have a night off cooking). Convinced that you should have it for dinner one night this week yet? (more…)

Shampoo and Conditioners: Supermarket vs Salon – A pricey experiment!

Scharzkoph's offering left, Dove in the centre, my beloved L'oreal Vitamino on the right.

Scharzkoph’s offering left, Dove in the centre, my beloved L’oreal Vitamino on the right.

Ordinarily, I’m a hair snob and I nearly always buy salon shampoo and conditioner. However, every now and then I get sucked in by a snazzy looking marketing campaign, or unexpected bills roll in and my beloved L’oreal Vitamino is temporarily out of my price range. In this situation, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to New World I go.

In the past few months I’ve tried two supermarket shampoos and conditioners:  Dove’s Colour Radiance Range and, more recently, I road tested Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color range following an awesome PR and marketing campaign.  How did I go? Let’s just say one range came up trumps and is a definite repurchase, the other one had me muttering vile swear words as I tried to untangle newly formed dreadlocks that left me looking like Worzel Gummidge. (more…)

Ultimate Lentil Loaf Recipe

Lentil loaf recipe

I made this lentil loaf during the week and, mid forkful, Hot hubby turned to me and asked, with wide eyes, “have you blogged this recipe?” Opps.  This has been a favourite in our home, as well as the family I used to nanny and cook for, for well over a decade. I can’t believe I haven’t shared it! (more…)

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