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About Me - The Beauty Foodie

I’m Lou.  Rotorua-based Kiwi girl.  Self-taught makeup junkie and product hoarder. Foodie fanatic. I wake up in the morning excited about breakfast and then I get to put my face on.  Happy times.

I’m a career girl by day. Blogger by night. I’m married to a fabulous guy and we have the world’s cutest and sweetest nine year old who is starting to share my excitement for churning out kitchen creations.

I created The Beauty Foodie as a creative outlet for my busy brain that doesn’t like to sit still.  I hope my blog gives you a few tricks to help you enhance your natural beauty, or points you in the direction of some great beauty products (or helps you stay clear of terrible ones).  On the foodie side,  I hope my blog inspires you to channel your inner Nigella. I’m all about producing wonderful meals and creating wonderful memories.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lou x

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