Cloud Eggs – What the…?

cloud eggs Cloud eggs… What the?

Cloud eggs keep popping up in my Facebook and Instagram feed. Sounds like this is the next best thing since Mecca Cosmetica, The Hobbit, Big Mac, Cronut, Lewis Road Creamery. You get my drift.

I’m usually get a bit titchy with hype. I am usually reluctant to buy in to this. For example, I still haven’t seen LOTR. I am, possibly, one of the last beauty bloggers to purchase the much lusted after Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. I bought my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette eighteen months after it came out – which was dumb: I should have bought it immediately. It’s that good.  I am told  this is an interesting trait of my personality: I’m good at creating hype. Yet I don’t buy into it. Hmmm.

Cloud eggs

The concept, is: Whisk up the egg whites, make a nest. Bake em’. Place egg yolks into nest. Bake ’em.  I was seriously sceptical – I’m a DIE-HARD poached egg fan and devour these for brekky probably half of the week. Cloud eggs, to my mind, sounded like a bit too much faffing around. Why ruin a good thing? Yes: I’m loyal to my poachies.

You know where this is going: I gave cloud eggs a go.  (more…)

Paleo (& Gluten Free) Granola Recipe

paleo granola recipe

I love this paleo (and gluten free) granola recipe. I’ve been playing around with variations of this recipe since I learnt a bit more about the Paleo way of life and, more importantly, since I attended one of Ben Warren’s seminars (if you haven’t heard of this guy, google him or check him out on Facebook. Nutritionally, he speaks a bucket load of sense).  I’m not a paleo follower by any stretch of the imagination, however, I like the philosophy and I’m a big believer in eating clean. We’ve been slowly ditching processed food in our home – and we feel better for it.

Anyways, having played around with this recipe, I’m rapt to report that I reckon I’ve perfected the flavours. I enjoy recipes where you can ‘biff in what’s in your cupboards’ – and this is one of those. This is paleo friendly and, bonus, gluten-free devotees will also give it the thumbs up. (more…)

Bacon and Egg Cupcakes

bacon and egg cupcakesThese bacon and egg cupcakes are ludicrously quick and easy to prepare and are totally scrummy ! We’ve had these quite a few times since I fiddled around and came up with  my version of the recipe. We love how these are gluten free, full of protein, are super filling. They make a great  breakfast alternative to bacon and eggs.  I like to use Tegel’s Chicken Bacon for this, simply as it’s a super light bacon alternative at 95% fat free, yet it doesn’t compromise on taste.  I got hooked on Chicken Bacon when I was doing Weight Watchers a few years back: I’ve been a fan ever since.

I seriously rate these cupcakes as they make for a seriously quick breakfast: I make a batch of half a dozen or so in advance, let them cool and put them in the fridge and cover them with cling film. At breakfast, the next day or the day after that (!) I pull one out, heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds… And breakfast is ready.  Much quicker than faffing around poaching eggs like I usually do!  Alternatively, these are super handy to take to work for lunch (I’ve done that numerous times and had them with a green salad).  I hope you enjoy 🙂 (more…)

Avo Smash Recipe

Avo Smash recipeIf you’ve read my Eating Like a King in Palmerston North blogpost you’ll recall that I raved about Avo Smash, the absolutely fabulous breakfast we had at Palmy North’s Tomato Cafe… I have shamelessly recreated their recipe and it rocks.

I’ve made Avo Smash a good number of times for breakfast/brunch since our Palmy trip and I’ve made variations* with great success! Here’s the recipe for you. Oh, it is great as a dip too! (more…)

Super Fluffy Pancakes

super fluffy pancakesIt was Shrove Tuesday this week and, for the first time ever, I remembered. My boys were jumping for joy at the thought of having my super fluffy pancakes for dinner as a special treat!  

I’ve made a lot of pancakes in my time – these are the best. No contest. These got demolished this week with our favourite accompaniments:  Bacon, banana and maple syrup.  Although I’ve been known to have these with cheese, bacon, jalapenos and hot sauce, as, apparently, I’m a bit odd.   No matter what the topping, these super fluffy pancakes are seriously light and fluffy as a result of egg whites folded into the batter.    We reckon these are the ultimate weekend breakfast and, according to my Hubby, my pancakes are better than those he pays $16 for from our local cafe. He’s not a man prone to compliments, so I’ll take that, thank you.    The kid reckons these are as good as McDonald’s Hot Cakes.  Sigh.

Oh – These are also the perfect treat for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or just on Saturday or Sunday.  Yeah, just try ’em. (more…)

Homemade Scrummy Baked Beans

imageThis recipe is inspired by NZ’s The Food Truck TV series, with some serious Beauty Foodie adaptations. Now, it’s important to note that, I’d only eat regular baked beans if there’d been a natural disaster  and we were forced to devour the food stuffs in our Household Emergency Survival Kit. These babies, on the other hand, are utterly yummo and made me do a complete 180 on my perspective on baked beans. Give this a whirl for Sunday brunch  it makes for great tucker (damn good hangover food in my case!) (more…)

Muesli (for Hot Husbands)

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m the most domesticated wife in the world, but I do, without fail, make this muesli for Hubby every second Sunday.  I’ve tried lots of muesli recipes over the years, but this our favourite based on taste and nutrition: It’s low in oil and sugar.   (more…)