Chub rub shorts. Anti-chafing shorts – basically shorts that save your inner thighs from getting chafed from chub when wearing skirts and dresses. Such preventative measures mean you don’t walk around on holiday walking like a cowboy e.g. putting a big downer on life. A lot of the places online focus more on shorts for men for holidays, like those you can see here, but having these during such times can be a real lifesaver.

As a curvy girl, ahead of a work trip to India & Singapore (Delhi would be 40+ degrees) I needed anti-chafing shorts. I got some and road tested ’em. Here’s my findings.

Background – Anti Chafing Shorts

I put the call out a few months back and put out the call on Facebook and Instagram: “I’m going away to a very hot climate and don’t want chub rub. I need some anti-chafing shorts: What do you recommend?” Bugger me, this struck a chord: I got quite the response!

Armed with All the Intel, I set off to Tauranga and Mt Maunganui with my dear friend Portia (and her son – he joined in helping!) on an Anti-Chafing Shorts Shopping Mission. I didn’t bother to look in Rotorua, frankly, we are limited for shopping options – let’s not go there. Suffice to say there are one thousand reasons people should visit Rotorua (check out this blog post), but shopping is not on that list!

Here’s the suggestions I received for anti-chafing shorts:

anti-chafing shorts

So, off Portia and I went, dear followers. We decided, in the interests of research, to get a bargain pair of anti-chafing shorts, as well as a more spendy pair. Portia is very analytical and said I had to be thorough and she even made several suggestions on what this post should include (!). Such a caring mate.

The short version of the story is that I struggled to find anti chafe shorts in a lot of the ‘cheaper’ places that were recommended: E.g. Mirrou, Cotton on Body (where the young sales assistant looked me up and down in a judgy way that wound me up!), Farmers and my old fave, Kmart. I’d been told through social media that something like a bike pant would do the job and I was keen to try this out. Alas, bike pants weren’t in abundant supply – probably something to do with the fact that it’s winter here in Enzed.

In terms of online shopping, whilst I was intrigued by Bandlettes (go and check these out – these are mega-sexy looking thigh bands), I decided these weren’t quite what I was looking for, though the concept was fab. I was keen to essentially buy something in-store that I could ‘look and feel’.

Anti-Chafing Shorts – The Results ARE IN

I ended up getting, initially, two pairs of anti-chub rub shorts:

  1. The Integra anti-chafe short from Taking Shape (formerly TS) in Tauranga.
  2. A pair of men’s short things from the men’s sports section at The Warehouse ($6). The ladies section didn’t have any. My mate Portia found these (!).

After shopping, something quite cool happened…

Sonsee Women got in touch. They offer a range of hosiery, shapewear and undergarments, with lots of options in plus stage for belly support and thinning purposes. Simply, Sonsee had noted that their shorts had been recommended as an option on social media, so they wondered if I’d like to try out a pair of anti-chafe shorts? Of course, I said “yes please” and expressed my gratitude (and thanks to those who mentioned them!).

I asked for a pair of anti-chafing shorts in the short leg style, in the colour nude: I liked the description of these: No seams, so the fabric is smooth and is made to flatter curves. Also appealing was that there were no panels in the design and a promise that the waist band wouldn’t roll down. These took a couple of weeks to arrive from ‘Straya, but they did arrive in time for my trip. Side note, you can buy Sonsee here in NZ through Isla-Maree (who also stock Undersummers shortlettes).

If you are like me, and outcome driven, here we go, here’s how I went.

The Anti-Chafing Shorts Test

Unfortunately, things got off to a bad start in Singapore where I had a 9 hour stopover. On arrival, I got changed out my ponte pants at Changi Airport and put my maxi dress on that was in my carry-on suitcase. Would you believe it? I’d left all anti-chafing shorts in my checked-in luggage. “F**K it” I thought, “I’ll be inside most of the time… There is aircon. I won’t get chafed. It won’t be hot”.

Jewel changi
The world’s largest indoor waterfall at Jewel (across the road from Changi Airport in Singapore)

What a crock.

Despite the aircon, and my self-assurance, I got chafed. Really badly. I walked for the majority of the 9 hours (to keep myself awake) meandering relatively aimlessly around the airport and the new Jewel complex. I went into shops looking for chafing pants. Nothing. This is unsurprisingly. I don’t think there are any curvy girls residing in Singapore.

After 1.5 hours of exploring Jewel I was chafed to buggery.

After six hours I kept stopping to place fabric from my wrap around maxi dress between my legs. I’d waddle for a minute or so, trying to walk keeping the fabric of my dress between my legs: It hurt. I was disappointed in myself.

What an amateur.

On arrival in India, I shit you not, at the luggage carousel, I collected my suitcase and fetched my anti-chafing pants out – and legged it to the loo to put them on. Instant relief.

Good news, I didn’t venture out for the rest of the two week time frame I was away in hot climes, without either pants on, or anti-chafing pants. My chafing heeled up pretty quick.

Anyway, back to my product review. Here’s how things went:

Warehouse Men’s Mini Bike Shorts

  • I can’t even be bothered taking a photo of these: They were crap.
  • They weren’t long enough and my chub, um, rubbed because there was no fabric sitting in the meaty bit of my inner thighs.
  • I wore these once and chucked them in the naughty corner.

Integra Anti-chafe Shorts (from Taking Shape)

Anti chafing shorts
Integra Anti-chafe shorts from Taking Shape. Image from Taking Shape. Note, these are on sale at the time of writing this post!
  • Here’s the link. Note, Taking Shape used to be TS.
  • These were bloody brilliant. 9.5/10.
  • These have hydrophilic fibres that draw perspiration away from the skin. Side note, I don’t actually know the sci deets on what hydrophilic fibres are – but they worked. Excellent, nobody likes a stinky inner thigh area.
  • I wore these anti-chafing shorts for two days in 40+ degrees before they got stinky and needed a wash! Side note, I wore undies, obvs.
  • I got no chafing. Washing wise, as I always travel with some Persil* in a small container. These were easily washed in a hand basin and dried overnight, even in an air-conditioned room. Once, as time was limited, ahead of an international flight where I knew I’d wear a skirt, I washed them then took them pool side for 30 mins whilst I took a dip: They were dry in 5 minutes (though, to be fair, it was 30+ degrees at the time).
  • What I also really liked about these is that the waist came up really high, right under my boobs: This meant they actually served as light control undies, holding fat rolls in slightly. I appreciated that! Half a point deducted as these have a seam across the front, which was visible through a dress. Minor detail.
  • Note, if you aren’t an overly curvy girl, I’d recommend going in and trying these on – even the XS might be too big for you. I’m XS and I’m a 16.
  • Price: I got these on sale for NZ$27 in store. The price online is all in Aussie dollars: Usually AU$34.95, currenlty on sale (still) for for AU$20.97. It doesn’t look like Taking Shape have a NZ online presence, I’d find your local store and ring them if you want to buy these… See if they’ll post ’em.

Anti-chafing Shorts (from Sonsee Women)

anti-chafe shorts
Sonsee Women Anti-Chafe Shorts. Image from Sonsee Women.
  • Here’s the link.
  • Also bloody brilliant. I mirror the comments above. 9/10
  • No chafing, comfy to wear.
  • Easy to wash when travelling: Quick to dry!
  • I loved that these had no seams. Like the Integra short above, these came up quite high under my waist and offered a little bit of flab control.
  • In hindsight, I wish I’d asked for these in black, simply as the nude colour is mega unflattering – and every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror I’d wince: I looked like an under-cooked sausage roll in pastry that had been too tightly wound around the meat. My bad. I would not let my husband see me in these, I’d never hear the end of it!
  • I didn’t think these offered as much flab control support as the Integra, hence the slightly lower rating.
  • Where to buy? You can get these online from Sonsee Women, though there are shipping costs and you need to factor in the time frame to get these from Aussie. Some NZ retailers stock these, that would probably be the way to go.
  • Price AU$49.95. Mine were gifted. So lucky!

Do I prefer one particular pair of anti-chafing shorts over the other?

On balance, I prefer the Integra anti-chafing shorts from Taking Shape simply as I felt these looked nicer (yes, I know…) and offered more flab control. But, there’s not much in it. To be fair, if I need a third pair, I’d be happy to get either Integra or Sonsee anti-chafing shorts.

One more thing…

Seeing as I’m talking about chub rub, it would be remiss of me not to do a plug (totes unsponsored) for Neat 3B cream – which has been my go-to anti chafing cream since 2009 when I went for a long walk on the beach while wearing a skirt in Raro – and walked like a cowboy for the rest of the holiday. Back then I was a size 12. Now I’m not a size 12 and, having learnt the hard way, I need to up the anti – and cream isn’t cutting the mustard for walking distance. an upcoming trip.

anti chafing shorts
Me. Shattered and chafed at Jewel. Stopping for a jelly coffee. Interesting…

*When I travel, I get nervous about being stopped by customs for being in possession of a white powdery substance. Luckily, so far, this hasn’t happened (yet).