Orange and Almond Syrup Cake – with Candied Oranges


What do you do when you live on a former citrus orchard and your orange tree goes, um, bananas?  Invite friends around for lunch so you have an excuse to bake – this cake is amazing.  If this recipe has a few too many steps for you, cull the candied oranges. But if you can be bothered… it turns this cake into something extra special.  It would be easy to turn this into a gluten free recipe by replacing the flour with more almond meal, or using a gluten free flour substitute.


ANZAC Biscuit Slice

Anzac biscuit recipeThis is a favourite in our house, it’s the basic Edmonds Cookbook (aka The Kiwi Cooking Bible) ANZAC biscuit, doubled, and made into a slice! No pedantic rolling of balls of mixture into biscuits, which saves a truckload of time.


Moroccan Inspired Prawns with Couscous

imageI whipped this super-quick, easy and gorgeous meal up one busy week night, after realising I’d forgotten to get meat out to defrost in time for dinner (what’s new…). This dish was so good the girls at work got food envy when watching me eat the leftovers for lunch, so I handed over the recipe.   They loved it too. (more…)