Asparagus and Feta Quiche

imageI thought I’d better get in quick with this recipe before asparagus season in NZ winds up for the year! I’ve made this on and off over the years and it’s a recipe I always come back to because it’s straightforward and I don’t have to look up a recipe,  I can mix-up the recipe based on what’s in the fridge, it’s filling (as you’d expect with a dozen eggs) and therefore, it feeds the masses (or, in the case of my small family, we can dine on this for days!). (more…)

Spinach and Bacon Cobb Loaf Dip

OK, strictly speaking this isn’t a Cobb Loaf: I wanted to take a new photo and after looking at three supermarkets: I gave up. I guess this is a ‘loaf dip’. Oh well.

I’ve been making this hot dip for years and it’s always a hit. Some of my friends have been known to invite me around for dinner on the proviso I bring this with me for nibbles! It’s simple to make and it has serious WOW factor (the photo of the finished product here hasn’t really done it justice…). It’s a dish that’s especially popular with the boys.  My boss tried it under duress (it doesn’t look particularly pretty, lets be honest) and he raved and raved about how good it was.  I’ve also made just the filling as a pasta sauce, it’s absolutely delicious folded through penne or bog-standard macaroni (even my fussy kid eats it). (more…)

Dukkah Recipe

Dukkah recipe
I love giving homemade foodie gifts at Christmas and I absolutely love receiving them.  Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive,  yet, more than ever, society puts an emphasis on giving big extravagant gifts… Just think of all the marketing campaigns you see leading up to Christmas! This makes me sad as I just don’t think this what Christmas should be about.  Giving and receiving something thoughtful, made with love, time and effort – now that’s what makes people feel special… And when you make a foodie gift for a fellow foodie and they come back and ask for the recipe, as happened to me last year with this dukkah recipe, then you know you hit the gift giving jackpot!  Package this dukkah up in a nice jar, tie some ribbon around the lid, maybe make a homemade label – done.


Best Brown Rice Salad Recipe

SAMSUNG CSCHands down, this is the best brown rice salad recipe. EVER.

I went to a Christmas BBQ at my friend Nicky’s place about five years ago. When lunch was dished up I tasted this and immediately downed my plate in search of the recipe. Nicky sheepishly fessed up that, actually, her Mother-in-law Lynn had actually made it (and she’d dropped it off for lunch!). Being the persevering lass I am I made Nicky get me the recipe, which she duly did. Thanks Nic! I’ve tweaked the recipe a little over the years (you know me, I can’t help myself) and the recipe below has been a favourite ever since and it regularly accompanies me to BBQs in the summer. It’s so quick to make, especially after I found this pressure cooker brown rice recipe. Not only that but, It keeps for a couple of days and I reckon it takes even better on day two. (more…)

Quick and Easy Chicken Laksa

imageAnother mid week meal that you can whip up in a hurry, my Hot Hubby loves this and he has even been known to make it (without help) on occasion! Use whatever veges you have in the fridge to keep the meal in season and easy. Note, if you are calorie counting, here’s a tip:  When I was on Weight Watchers I made this and substituted the coconut milk for low fat evaporated milk and added a dash of coconut essence – it tastes great and you can’t tell the difference. (more…)

Max’s Carrot Dahl

imageI got this recipe off my friend Max, who is the most amazing cook. Max got this from NZ’s Healthy Food Guide (I’d hate to be hit up for not acknowledging the real source!). As usual I’ve adapted it a little (I can’t help myself…) and I reckon this is better than hummus. I have it on toast, on flatbreads, in sandwiches, I’ve even been known to serve it to accompany BBQ chicken kebabs. This is also a great dip to whip up if you’ve got friends coming over as it’s an ideal starter/entree. You just serve it up on a platter with bits of of toasted pita, crackers or raw veges. I made this for book club recently and I had several requests for the recipe, always a telltale sign I’m onto a winner! Lastly, this is low in fat, ticks all the boxes for the ‘good stuff’ and bonus – it’s simple and inexpensive to prepare.  What’s not to like? (more…)

Amazing Asparagus and Bacon Bundles

imageI die quietly and go to heaven every time I eat these… I eagerly await asparagus season every year, I can’t get enough of it. This is one of my favourite ways to eat asparagus although, as my Hubby quite rightly points out, anything wrapped in bacon is a winner!  I’ve made these bundles of deliciousness as a side dish, as a pass around ‘nibble’ when there’s visitors around for dinner.  Time to fess up:  I’ve even had a big plate of it  on it’s own as a meal (told you I love it). They are fun to make – and there’s not much to it! Get in quick – asparagus season finishes far too quickly! (more…)