I haven’t done one of these ‘beauty empties’ posts before!   I stumbled across one recently on another beauty blog and enjoyed it and figured I’d give writing one a crack. This thought was superb timing as a heap of my beauty products have run out all at the same bloody time (grumble).  Here’s a whistle-stop tour of my thoughts on each product!


Dial NutriSkin Body Wash (white peach and shea butter)

I love Dial body washes and this one was no exception. Does a good job in the cleansing department and leaves a gorgeous fragrance lingering behind.  Will repurchase. Available from: Countdown and some New World supermarkets. Price: NZ$5 (ish)

Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel (EDP)

This, along with Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, is my all-time favourite fragrance.  It’s sexy, fresh, slightly Oriental, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and orange (before you think I’m clever knowing that, I googled it…).  I was so paranoid about being left high and dry on this, I purchased another one in Duty Free in September (how organised was that?). Bonus points for being extremely long-wearing: I can still catch wafts of it at the end of the day (though I’d suppose you’d hope for this from Chanel, an eau de parfum and the price point!). I can’t remember the price, sorry!   

MAC Fix+ Spray

It pisses me off to include this product in this post: The lid dislodged on a weekend away and leaked everywhere [mega grumpy face].  I’ve now got another one (lesson learnt). There’s a heap of different uses for this clever product, but here’s how I use it: 

  • As a hydrating spray (it comes out in a lovely fine mist) before my makeup, it acts a bit like a primer and gives my makeup something else to cling to.  If you have dry skin, this’ll act as a wonderful moisture booster – the same for more mature skin.
  • Intensifying eyeshadows: I spray my eyeshadow brush with Fix + and then dip it into my eyeshadows. The result is a super pigmented and slightly metallic finish, it really changes the look of an eyeshadow.
  • I often spray my foundation brush with Fix + before I dip the brush into my foundation and apply it to my face. It kind of dilutes the foundation to give a lighter, more sheer finish.

Note, lots of people seem to use this post makeup application as a setting spray (like hairspray for your face). I personally don’t rate it for that – if you aren’t careful you can end up looking like a disco ball (sparkly). It’s definitely not suitable in this way for my oily skin.

Repurchase? Definitely.   Just make sure the lid is bloody on properly before you take it away for the weekend. You’ve been warned. Available from: MAC. Price: NZ$45 (ish)

Image Skincare Prevention + Daily Matte Moisturiser

Again I’ve raved about this before. Both my husband (he’s an outdoorsy sporty type) and I are a fan of this mattifying day moisturiser. It’s oil free, broad spectrum UVA/UVB leaves a shine-free finish. It’s great under my makeup too. Not only is it a ‘definite repurchase’ – I purchased another one of these from Fiona at Simply Indulgent before we moved from Napier to Rotorua (there’s no Image Skincare stockist in Rotorua – but apparently there’s one coming, WHOOP). Price: NZ$65 (pricey for me, but this is worth it).

Cetaphil Cleanser (oily/combo skin)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This is my all time favourite cleanser. Automatic repurchase. This stuff is a staple in our bathroom. So much so my husband even puts it on the shopping list (he’s not particularly talented at spotting when things are going to run out… It’s a bug bear of mine…). Available from most supermarkets. Price: NZ$20

Lancome Creme Doucher Cream-to-oil Massage Cleanser

As a wearer of a reasonably full-face of makeup everyday, I’m a big believer in a pre-cleanse to make sure I get all the crap of my skin at night-time. I’ve waxed lyrical for ages about Clinique’s Take the Day Off Balm. Well, my industrial size tub was nearly running out recently, when, bonus: A good friend gave me this pre-cleanser by Lancome.  Or rather, it would be a bonus if this stuff was any good.  I can’t stand it and it pained me to use it up on principle.  I couldn’t stand the smell and I felt it did a half-arsed job of taking all my makeup off. Repurchase: Nope, Clinique’s onto a good thing, I’m headed back there (though I’m using coconut oil at the moment, it’s great!). Not sure how much this costs: It doesn’t matter as I won’t repurchase.

De Lorenzo et Absorb Dry Shampoo

This is, hands-down the best dry shampoo I’ve tried. This was my third can.  I can’t even imagine washing my hair every day anymore, I’m a “wash every third day kinda gal” now.  To use it, spray it on your roots, massage it in, brush it out. The main reasons I love this De Lorenzo product is that, unlike cheaper dry shampoos, it applies clear (not white) and it smells heavenly (moonflower scented, don’t you know).  I’m defo buying this again, however I thought I should live on the edge and try something new, so I just got Joico’s offering instead. Available from: Selected hairdressers or some of those shops that just sell shampoo etc. Price: NZ$25 (ish)

Moreish Toner

Designed for all skin types, this hydrating toner has been a favourite of mine for a while. I lightly spray it all over my face and neck after cleansing and exfolitating toner (yeah, I’m addicted to toning) for an instant extra moisture fix, prior to applying moisturiser. I was most unhappy this had run out as Moreish isn’t available anymore in NZ when – NEWSFLASH – Moreish announced Countdown will be stocking their wares soon. Stoked. Fingers crossed this is still in the Moreish line up…  Otherwise I might cry.

Garnier Perfect Blur

I don’t really know what to call this stuff. A primer? A pore filler cream? Either way, as the owner of rather large pores, I love how this product minimises the signs of aging by blurring my wrinkles, perfects and general imperfections.  I apply this after moisturising and before my foundation. I’d definitely buy this again. It’s a little bit of a wonder product I reckon (in case you missed this blog post).  Available from: Most supermarkets. Price: NZ$17.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

No stranger to my blog, this (much raved about) eyelid primer has been a staple in my makeup bag to combat my oily eyelids.  In case you haven’t heard me bang on about this before, without an eye primer my eyeshadow has blurred into a super unattractive oily mess by 11.00am. Now, a confession, I used to think this was the “McDaddy eyeprimers of all eyeprimers” but I’ve since found one that I reckon is even better (for fellow owners of super oily eyelids). Stay tuned for my April favourites blog post (you wouldn’t want a spoiler now, would you?!).  Nevertheless, I’d definitely buy this again.  Available from: Beauty Bay. Price: AUD$30 (for 11ml size – it’ll last you yonks).

Right, I’m off to the rubbish and recycling bin with this lot.  What did you think of my first empties post? Let me know, I enjoy your feedback!

PS:  I’m still gutted about that MAC Fix+. I need to build a bridge… I must build a bridge. Agh.