You know cows have really long eyelashes? Have you ever noticed how their eyelashes hang straight down so you almost can’t see them? That’s what’s wrong with my eyelashes. Super long, but annoyingly super straight. This is why I’ve been curling my eyelashes since I was 13 years old:  To beat ‘cow eyelash syndrome’.

I’m obsessed with eyelash curlers.  I’m sure that at my funeral my friends and family will blatantly take the piss out of my eyelash curler antics. I’m sure some bugger will tell the story of how, at fourth form camp, I was curling my lashes in my tent and someone knocked me…  And I ripped all of my lashes out.  Ouch.  Or how sometimes how, when I’m out and about and my eyelashes need a bit of a boost, I’ll heat up my eyelash curler via the car heater… (Note, I don’t have to do this anymore, now that I have figured out why they used to go straight!)

Instead of doing a step-by-step blog post on how to get smoking hot lashes, I thought I’d mix things up a bit. So, for a change, here’s a quick(ish) You Tube clip that explains the ins-and-outs of how to get smoking hot lashes!  This is my first dabble in You Tube  and I must confess, there’s butterflies in my tummy, which reminds me of how I felt when I clicked the ‘Go Live Button’ on this blog 8 months ago!

I’ve thought of a thousand reasons why I can’t put myself on You Tube… I’m too old… I’m too wrinkled… My teeth are too crooked… I need to lose weight first… My NZ accent is strong and people will take the piss..All the girls that do You Tube look like supermodels and have flash professional looking backgrounds… Then I had an ah-ha moment and thought “ah, I don’t look like that, so that’s my point of difference!”

Then, on days where I’ve gathered up my self confidence and I’ve thought “sod it, lets give You Tube a whirl!” I’ve talked myself out of it because I look too tired, my under eye bags are too pronounced.  I do my own head in!

Finally I asked myself this morning this question: “What would you doing if you weren’t worrying about all of that crap’?” The answer was, of course, “give it a go!”   So here I am, warts and all.  It’s time to get over myself and focus on what I can do!   If you’d told me 12 months ago I’d have a blog and I’d post selfies of myself sans makeup on Facebook and some mornings up to 800 people would see them… Well, I’d have said you were stark raving bonkers! So what’s a video or two?

All I ask is that you be gentle and kind: I haven’t quite nailed how to use my camera yet and there’s a few moments where it’s out of focus (you can see my Fur Babies having a snuggle in the background). But heck, it’s all a bit of fun.  Anyway, since Hot Hubby watched this video (with mild amusement, I can tell), he’s given me a crash course on the camera. Turns out you don’t just turn it on to the ‘video function’ and hope for the best! Then again, if I’d mucked around trying to get the lightening, ISO thingy-ma-bob and AF/MF stuff correct today, I’d still be here next week fiddling around and scratching my head – and I might have talked myself out of it…

Hope you enjoy and find this useful!

Lou 🙂

PS: The eyelash curler I recommend is from Shu Uemura. It’s fantastic and, hands down, the best curler I’ve ever used.  You can’t buy this retail in NZ or  Aussie, but they are easy enough to buy online.