I’m an unashamed fan of this DIRT CHEAP brand which is widely available in NZ through many 1,2,3 Shops, $2 Shops and D-City.    The price point is unbeatable – $4 to $4.50 for all items and I think some of the range(definitely not all!) is great.  It represents astonishing value for money, especially in Down Under where purchasing makeup can sometimes almost require a home re-mortgage!


Swatches from left: Lavender Lady, Coco Malt and Cranberry Mix

From the Jordana range, worthy of special mention is their lipsticks. I’ve got several which I reach for regularly.  The colour pigmentation is amazing, one swipe = good to go and they don’t bleed (important when you get close to your 40s like me and fine lines start popping up everywhere!).  The lipsticks aren’t perfect, which, lets be honest, you wouldn’t expect at this price,  would you? These are quite dry upon application but this is easily fixed by whacking a bit of balm or paw paw cream on top…  Boom, who said dry?  The packaging, if I’m being picky, is also pretty crap.

I’ve got three and they all get regular use. My absolute favourite is ‘Lavender Lady’ – a brightish pink with a slight purple undertone. The other two are Cranberry Mix, a pretty bright red/pink with a bit of frost and Coco Malt, which looks gorgeous on red heads and brunettes with warm skin tones.

Look, at $4.50 you can’t go too wrong – pick one up a lippy next time you are in town!   The lip liners are pretty good too by the way!  If you missed it, click here for my review on Jordana blush and foundation (Executive summary: Both are ‘mighty fine’). Give the eye shadows a miss though…