I was going to write a full on, full noise blog post for Lou Loves – June 2017.  But life in the last week has been CRAZY busy and I’ve been zooming around the North Island. Subsequently I had no capacity to sit down and write a post (well, I did, but I prioritised my family life)! So here’s a video. Again.

Now, I have worked REALLY hard to not say ummmm. I also tried really hard to look at the camera more. I tried really hard to not talk too fast. 

How did I do?

Products rambled on about in this vid

  • Slipper boots from Peter Alexander: http://bit.ly/2sWztGk (no longer on sale! Now $99, sorry chaps – and the original price was $140 #meanddetails #notfriends) 
  • See you in September by Charity Norman: 
  • http://bit.ly/2tsGx1uWorld Organics Luminizer ($35 or $28 if you are a Jasmine Club member!) 
  • http://bit.ly/2szbKN5Zoeva Coco Blend Palette on Beauty Bay (note, their free shipping is SLOW…!): 
  • http://bit.ly/2uTPf64L’oreal Professional Pro Fibre Reconstruct shampoo and conditioner (buy at hair salons etc, I got mine at Salon St Bruno in RotoVegas and some random shop in Sylvia Park!): http://bit.ly/2tqCKRU
  • North & South Merino Jumper- it’s got SPARKLES ON IT (still on sale!): http://bit.ly/2sPJNov

Other mentions

What products are you loving this month? Any dislikes? Hit me with your good reads too! 

Lou x