Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoos (is it just me, or is that a mouthful?)

Finally the much talked about Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoos hit New Zealand shores. Yippee.  These are cream eyeshadows, are widely available and serve as a super affordable alternative to Mac Paint Pots more expensive options. I gave one of these to my buddy Kitrina for her birthday. She wasn’t into makeup that much until that point… She now says ‘I created a monster’. Opps.

There’s a heap of colours – ranging from pearly white to purples to greens.   I use these as eyeshadows on their own if I’m in a rush, but my favourite thing to do is to use them as a base for other eyeshadows to get a depth of colour.   Maybelline claim these last for 24 hours, so if you have a much more exciting life than me, please report in on your findings… I haven’t tested this claim out (yet, I live in hope). My personal colour favourites are ‘Bad to the Bronze’, ‘Pomegranate Punk’ (pinky burgundy colour) and ‘Edgy Emerald’ (green – gorgeous for brown eyes).

How to apply: My friend, the finger is good, or use a brush for optimal blending (especially if you aren’t putting a shadow on top).

Cost: Cheap as chips, if you are in the USA, expect to pay US$7. If you are down under, once again we get pay the price for living in Paradise, so expect to pay at least double the $US price (what’s new?!).

 A word of warning:  These are cream shadows, so they’ll dry out over time.  Help prevent this by screwing the lid on tight and storing them upside down! Don’t worry though, I’ve had some of mine for eight months – they are still fine.

Where to buy: Kmart, Farmers, many pharmacies, New World (the latter is handy, you can ‘hide’ the purchase in your next grocery shop… Don’t tell Hot Husband!).

All in all – cream eyeshadows… Why wouldn’t you?!  Have you tried these – which is your favourite?