Mila before and after eye

I’ve got a massive girl crush on the actress Mila Kunis, mainly, I confess, as I think her makeup is perfection. I love the sultry sexy smokey eye that is her trademark look, so I thought I’d have a bash at re-creating it. This is my ‘toned down’ day version. For a more evening appropriate look I ramp this up with a dark grey eyeshadow applied thickly along my upper lashline, black eyeliner on my waterline as well as smoked out on my lower lashline and, of course, lashings of mascara. This is my favourite look right now and – BONUS… It’s pretty quick to do!



Makeup I used

Everything you need for this look is listed below. To keep the tutorial short(ish!) I’ve skipped the steps on my base (for the record I applied foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush).

  • Eyelid primer (optional). I used Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • A dark brown taupe frost eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo in the colour Bad to the Bronze. You can use a regular eyeshadow too!
  • A matt warm brown eyeshadow. I used Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek
  • A nude eyeshadow the same colour as your skin, ideally with a bit of a sheen to it. I used Vanilla Bean by Makeup Geek
  • A gold eyeshadow. I used Gold Digger by Makeup Geek
  • A waterproof nude or white eyeliner. I used a nude eyeliner from Nars’ Larger than Life range.
  • A black eyeliner. I used a black eyeliner from Elizabeth Arden with a smudger on the end (Note, I wouldn’t use this pencil next time, it faded quickly and only lasted a few hours. I’ve since done the look again using a waterproof black eyeliner instead, it works much better!)
  • Mascara. I used Maybelline the Falsies (use waterproof mascara if you will curl your lashes as this holds the  curl better!)
  • A coral toned or nude coloured lipstick of your choice. I used Coral Beach by Youngblood with Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector in Colour 01 on the top (this product is half gloss/half balm – love it)

Brushes/tools used

  • A fluffy brush (for blending out the crease colour). Mine is from Makeup Geek
  • A flat stiff brush (for inner corner and brow highlight)/ a stiff angled brush to line under the eyes and fill in the brows. My dual ended brush is from QVS (from Farmers)
  • Eyelash curler

What to do!

FINAL Mila Inspired eye 1-6 with numbersPhoto 1: Start with a blank canvas. If you have an eye primer, prime your eyelid. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Photo 2: Apply base colour to eyelid. Using your finger, press the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo onto your eyelid, stopping at your crease.  Don’t worry about getting it too tidy, we’re going to blend it!

Photo 3: Crease colour and blending.   Using the fluffy eyeshadow brush, swipe the matt warm brown eyeshadow through your crease/eye socket. Blend it  backwards and forwards, in a window wiper-like motion, until the Maybelline Eye Studio Tattoo is well blended into the brown eyeshadow . Keep blending the brown eyeshadow up towards your browbone. If you ease off on the pressure of the blending as you swipe your fluffy brush upwards, the colour will blend out seamlessly (which is what we want).

Photo 4: This is what it should look like so far.

Photo 5: Apply eye colour to your lower lashline. Using your finger pick up a bit more of the Maybelline Eye Studio Tattoo. Carefully place this under your eye along your lower lashline from the outer corner, about three-quarters of the way in towards your inner corner.

Photo 6: Blend with warm brown eyeshadow. Using your fluffy brush, get some of the matt warm brown eyeshadow and run that over the base colour you just applied along your lower lashline. Blend well.




FINAL Mila eye 2 7-12

Photo 7:  Apply brow highlight.  Using the flat stiff brush pick up some of the nude eyeshadow and apply this just under your eyebrow e.g. along your browbone. I used Vanilla Bean from Makeup Geek.

Photo 8: Apply black eyeliner along top lashline. Thickly apply black eyeliner along your upper lashline (you can use gel eyeliner for this look, or even a black eyeshadow).

Photo 9: Smudge the eyeliner. I used the smudger on the end of my eyeliner. You could also use a stiff eyeshadow brush for this step.

Photo 10: Curl your eyelashes. Yes, this is optional, but wow, it makes such a difference!

Photo 11. Highlight your inner eye corner. I forgot to take a photo of this step! Clean your flat stiff brush off on a tissue and now pick up some gold eyeshadow. I used gold digger by Makeup Geek. Apply this in a small circular motion to the inner eye corner (e.g. the side closest to your nose!). This is an instant eye brightener. Apply two of mascara.

Photo 12: Brighten your waterline. This step is optional really, but it make a big difference. Using a white or nude colour eyeliner line your waterline. This will make the whites of your eyes look brighter. For this step, it’s best to use a waterproof eyeliner. This is because the waterline is a damp part of your eye, and therefore a normal (non waterproof) eyeliner won’t last long.  For a night time/more dramatic look, apply brown or dark brown eyeliner here.

Fill in your brows, either using an eyebrow pencil or a stiff angled brow brush and a suitable eyeshadow (I used Brun eyeshadow by MAC).

Lastly, it’s  lippy time: Apply a coral/nude lipstick of your choice. I used Coral Beach from Youngblood which is the perfect gorgeous coral shade I’ve been hunting for forever!  It’s a very ‘Mila’ lip colour.  I also added a touch of Clarins’ Natural Light Lip Perfector on top to add a teeny touch of pink and a bit of shine.

So, what do you think? Are you keen to give it a go?  Let me know if you did and how it worked out,  I’d love your feedback.

Lou x

PS: Where to buy…

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Visit Beauty Bay. FREE delivery to NZ!
Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo: Get these long-wearing cream eyeshadows from Farmers, Kmart, New World and pharmacies that stock Maybelline. Beware, Kmart’s prices for these are quite a few dollars more than everywhere else (I’ve complained, but they’ve not done anything about it!). You can read my review of these eyeshadows here)
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Click here. They sell eyeshadows as individual compacts too (not just in the pan like mine!). The compacts are US$6.99, or the pans are $5.99. These are really inexpensive, quality eyeshadows. They are cruelty free have no nasties (talc or parabens). I highly recommend them. I use these just as often as my higher end eyeshadows. In terms of ordering from the USA, I’ve bought from Makeup Geek a LOT – and have had consistently great service and quick delivery (as fast as I’ve ever experienced when purchasing overseas that is!)
Eyelash curler – QVS or Manicare do good ones, available from any NZ pharmacy or Farmers. I got my pretty pink one from Sephora in Singapore (sorry!).
Mascara, eyeliners – My Mascara is Maybelline’s the Falsies (my favourite mascara). The black eyeliner (which is well-loved) is from Elizabeth Arden (though I now a waterproof eyeliner for this look as the one I used faded too fast!). The nude eyeliner is from Nars’ Larger than Life eyeliner range which I got from Kirkaldies and Stains in Wellington.