Setting spray face hairspray
Exec summary: UD De Slick is awesome. Max Fix + is not a setting spray! And skip the Australis one… [Thumbs down]
I discovered setting spray earlier this year.  I’ve renamed it hairspray for your face.  As you know, I’m a big fan of products that help with increasing the staying power of my makeup… Remember how obsessed I am with eye primer?! Anyhow, I was already impressed with setting spray but it was the reaction of a number of friends and clients who have had makeovers/makeup by me recently that prompted this blog post. Here’s what one friend said:

“I woke up the next morning and my makeup was so perfect, I could have worn it again!”

Now, I will never advocate wearing your makeup to bed (no matter how pissed you get – this is a no no) but, I’m proud that my makeup application and setting spray got such a vigorous road test!  I had done Nicky’s makeup for an event on a Friday nigh and then, as it happened, we had coffee the next afternoon.  As background, Nicky doesn’t usually wear makeup, so when she rocked up to my house sporting a gorgeous smokey eye I got a bit excited thinking, maybe, just maybe, I’d inspired her to start dabbling in makeup! Anyhoo,  when I complimented her on her great handiwork, she cracked up and explained it was my handiwork, she was still sporting last night’s face! She went to bed with it all on, woke up, thought it still looked great, so she kept it on! If this story isn’t the best advert for setting spray, I don’t know what is!

Here’s the deets on setting spray:

What is it?
Setting spray is a finishing spray that’s applied after makeup with the purpose of extending the wear of your makeup.

What does it do?
Setting spray should prevent foundation from fading in colour, melting or sliding off, cracking or caking. For your eyeshadow and blush, this too should stay in place for a lot longer. In short, your makeup should look picture perfect all day – and all night!

What brand of setting spray do I use?
I have two setting sprays. First, I have a ‘cheapie’ from Australis which I use on myself during the week (when I remember). This is very average to be honest, it does a marginal job of stopping my foundation wearing off. Frankly, I think this does a better job of making my makeup look more flawless,  rather than keeping it in place. In other words, I reckon it’s fine as a finishing spray, but it’s not good as a setting spray.

However, my other spray, Urban Decay’s ‘de Slick’ Setting Spray is the SCHIZZ and this is what for I’ve been using lately that’s been getting rave reviews. Urban Decay claim this spray will increase the life of your makeup, keeping it looking matt, vibrant, fresh and gorgeous for up to 16 hours. I’d have to agree with most of that and I especially appreciate not needing to touch anything up during the day (e.g. powder my oily nose!). Recently I had an evening event to go to straight after work. I had applied my makeup at 7.00am, wore it all day at work, touched up just my lippy at 5.30pm… I still had a full face on at 1.00am when I washed my face. Good effort Slick! [Note, I stayed up till 1.00am… Take note of that friends that call me a lightweight, I can pull one out of the bag!].

Setting spray face hairspray
This is stuff is EXCELLENT.

How does it work?
From Urban Decay’s website:

“Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray is a lightweight setting spray, especially developed for oily skin types.This highly effective setting spray mists weightlessly onto the face to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep the skin looking beautifully matte throughout the day.

This ground-breaking, clinically tested formula features patented Temperature Control Technology which actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to help it stay put and keep the skin looking smooth and radiant but never shiny.

Unlike similar setting sprays, De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray delivers a micro-fine mist that is so light you’ll hardly feel it and once applied you won’t even know it’s there. With no unpleasant stickiness or tightness on the skin, this unique makeup must-have leaves makeup looking vibrant all day with a chic, matte complexion”.

PR speak, sure, but you get the gist!

How do you apply it?
Simply hold the bottle 10-15 from your face and spray. I find spraying a letter X, followed by a letter T ensures an all over coverage.

Where do you get it?
Typically, you can’t buy setting sprays easily over the counter in NZ, so online is the way to go.  I got my Urban Decay setting spray from Beauty Bay. The price made my bum pucker a bit (AUD$47) but it’s proven itself to be worth it’s weight in gold and it’s now a product I won’t be without. Conversely, Australis’ version won’t be getting purchased again. Thumbs down.  You can rely on me to be honest, eh?!

If you are in NZ, check out Beauty Bliss’ collection of setting sprays, the brand Skindinävia are the king of setting sprays (and that’s what I’m getting next).  Note, MAC do a spray called Fix + – lots of people use this as a setting spray,but that’s not what it’s designed for: It’s sensational to prep the skin and finish the skin (after makeup is applied and will help your makeup look flawless). It’s not intended to help keep makeup in place. Also, if you have oily skin like me, there’s the danger Fix + will leave you looking shiny and oily like a disco ball (not glowy).

Setting spray face hairspray
Max Fix + spray is a great finishing spray – but it won’t make your makeup last longer!

One last rant: Don’t sleep in your makeup
Lastly, despite giving products a good test, please lovelies, wash your face at the end of the day.  You’ll thank for me for bleating on about this in years to come!  Here’s an article that sums up beautifully what sleeping in your makeup does to your skin.

There’s lots of setting sprays out there, now that I know about them! Have you used one? I’d love to hear of your recommendations/thoughts on alternative brands.