Art Deco makeup review nz

Have you heard of German cosmetics brand Art Deco? I’m not surprised if you haven’t, this has to be one of the most underrated makeup brands outside of Europe! So please, let me enlighten you: Art Deco is the cosmetics market leader in Germany and a best seller in Europe. Having lived in Germany and other parts of Europe, Art Deco is a brand I loved and used a lot of ‘back in the day’.  So, as you can imagine, I was jumping for joy when Farmers announced they’d be stocking Art Deco at some stores in NZ last year. Their range is comprehensive, there’s a mineral makeup collection, foundations, eyeliners, blush… Look, you name it, they’ve got it. My favourites are the colourful array of sixty-something eyeshadows which you can purchase individually, or make up your own little cosmetics palette: Blinkin’ genius.

I bought a few odds and sods from Art Deco’s range as it’s been  a while since I used it. I was really keen to see if it was still as fabulous as I remember (I’ve become a bit of a makeup geek since I last used it) and, if so, I’m keen to play my part in spreading the good word as I think this brand deserves to do really well.

My executive summary? Yes, still awesome. Brownie points too for price. You know by now what a bargain-hunter I am: This stuff is very affordable, think Maybelline or Rimmel prices: You’ve got a good comparison.  So passionate I am about this brand, I found myself in Farmers a few weeks ago browsing the Art Deco stand when a fellow shopper and I got shopping and she asked if I’d used the range before… A few minutes later I’d sold her a blush, eyeliner and lipstick. Other shoppers that were listening got stuck in as well!  The floor manager, who was light on staff that day, didn’t mind a bit and even let me take a few photos. I was rapt – I had a blast!

art deco eyeshadow base

Art Deco’s Eyeshadow base – This is an eyelid primer. I only got this because it was free if I spent $40, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I had low hopes:  With my oily eyelids there’s only a couple of high end (read *expensive*) eyelid primers that truly work on me. Well, I take it ALL back.  This is a little pot of NZ$16 brilliance is almost as good as the luxury brand eyelid primers I’ve been buying, well, I’m buying them no more, I’m hooked on this one and it’s about $20 cheaper! With Art Deco’s offering my eyeshadow applies with intense pigmentation and best of all the colour stays put all day (on that note, if you wear contact lenses, get this, it’ll stop specks of shadow falling into your eyes and causing irritation). I also find this product quite soothing and gentle on the skin, probably due to the vitamin E formula. An absolute winner.  Not sold on eyelid primers? Read this blogpost to find out why it’s worth it.  I’ve put a few friends onto this product, they are all giving it the thumbs up. So there you go – a favourable mass product review, done.

art deco eyebrow powderEyebrow powder – Do I need to bleat on about how important it is to fill in your eyebrows, or have you all read this blogpost?  I’m becoming something of a brow powder connoisseur;  This is the third brow powder to get a mention on my blog in the last 12 months.  I’m a fan of eyebrow powder over pencil, I think it gives a much softer and natural finish.  I got number 3, for dark brows and I’m pleased to report this is also a winner: It’s all I’ve used for the past month and it’s up there with my beloved Milani Brow Fix kit and my MAC Brun eyeshadow. Then again, I’d award more brownie points for Art Deco’s version being a fraction of the price. Yes, you only get 0.8g of product for your NZ$9, but I’d be surprised if this didn’t last another year, a little goes a long, long way. There’s three colours: Shade 3 is brown (good for darkies like me), 6 is light (good for blondes) and shade 5 is for everyone else in between!

art deco lip passionLip Passion Lipstick in Number 35 ‘Passion’ – This colour is essentially the same colour as my lips, but better. It’s become my ‘go-to’ nude lipstick, it’s pretty much all I’ve worn for the last few weeks… I’m such a fan of a bold eye and a nude lip, what can I say?  This lipstick is super nourishing, thanks to the vitamin E and shea butter ingredients. It glides so smoothly over the lips it’s just like wearing lip balm.  It’s fragrance free too.  My only criticism is that the staying power is pretty average, but then again, I seem to eat and drink all day, very few of my lipsticks actually have the lasting power I dream of.

artdecominerallipstyler_1_gmMineral Lip Styler in shade 22 – This nude/rose pink smudge-proof lip liner is applied to the lip line and does a great job of creating fuller looking lips. It’s enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Candelila Wax which both moisturises and soften the lips. Perhaps unusually for a lip liner, the overall look is a slightly shimmer, as opposed to having a matt finish, but I like this. Out of sheer laziness I don’t routinely wear lip liners, but I’ve been giving this a good run for it’s money. I really like how soft it applies, my lips don’t dry out and I like the definition it gives to my lips. There’s five gorgeous colours to choose from. Price NZ$19.

All in all? A HUGE HIT!  I feel like I totally hit jackpot with this beauty splurge, actually, I’m as stoked with this mini haul as I am with the huge MAC haul I did at duty free last July! However, and this is key for me, at an overall spend of NZ$55 my wallet wasn’t too dented (remember I got the eyeshadow base for free).  I am going to have to refrain myself from heading back to Farmers as I’m Just Not To Be Trusted. Or, maybe, I could get a weekend job there, selling Art Deco. Now that… That would be fun…

You can build your own cosmetic palettes with these little magnetic cases too - the eyeshadows just slide right in. They come in all sorts of sizes
Genius idea: You can build your own cosmetic palettes with these Systeme Mosiaique refillable magnetised boxes. They come in all sorts of sizes and, best of all, you can replace each item as it runs out. The magnetic case shown here is $25. The eyeshadows are $9 and the blush is $20.