Little Honey self tan review

Little Honey self-tan. Heard of it? You should have. If not: You are missing out. How’s that for an intro?

First up – I have a positive beauty review. Yes, something nice to say! Loyal readers, don’t die of shock.

Background: Fake tan. It’s been a bit of an uphill journey to find one that works for me. Expanding on that a little, I do love a rather well known self-tanning mousse*, but I was keen to try something new, not least as the afore mentioned mousse has a list of chemicals that makes me slightly nervous. In the beauty sphere, in general, if there’s a plant based alternative that’s just as good AND IS PRICED RIGHT: I’ll use it.
Anyhoo, after the last self-tanning review I did (here) the lovely peeps at Little Honey sent me some of their goodness suggesting “It was about time I tried this”.  Yes, I agree, it was.

Incidentally, I’d read a number of rave reviews about Little Honey all over social media this time last year. I never tried it: To be honest I felt the price tag ($45 for their bronzing mist or $55 for the bronzing mist + application mitt) was a bit steep. You see, I get sick of  forking out for pricey-ish products that don’t deliver. Besides, I was put off that Little Honey was so frequently mentioned in my social media newsfeeds last year. You see, I’m such a cynic that my school of thought is when it looks too good to be true: It usually is. As an aside, I also dislike hype.  I still haven’t read 50 Shades.

Side note: I was SO keen to try Little Honey that, on 16 December last year I messaged them, cheekily, and asked if they’d like to send me some (I’ve never done that). They politely declined. Funny how things work out, LOL.

Anyway, with Little Honey’s Flawless Bronzing Kit finally in my hot little hands a few weeks back: I got excited.  I received a Bronzing Kit containing their Flawless Bronzing Mist  and a flawless blending glove. The latter claimed to deliver a streak free finish. Yeah, excited I was.

little honey self tan review
The Flawless Bronzing Kit. Nicked this photo from Little Honey’s website. Thanks Little Honey.


And I’m still excited. You see: This bronzing mist stuff is the SCHIZZ. That’s the executive summary. You need this stuff. It’s the best self-tan I’ve used.   At this point, I must extend my sincere apologies to all those influencers whose reviews of Little Honey I was so dubious about last year: You did know what you were talking about. Opps.

Before I get into the deets, I want to share with you what I found out about Little Honey, as their story is a neat one. Little Honey is the genius of a former Kiwi makeup artist who got fed up with the quest to find the perfect tan. You know: Tan that didn’t get all over the sheets, clothes, go orange – and didn’t stink (anyone else nodding and thinking “me too!”?) Thus, Little Honey was born. It’s pitched as a luxury self-tan, one which is paraben free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

So, how do you use Little Honey?

Spray 2-3 pumps of Bronzing Mist onto the Little Honey Flawless Blending Glove. Apply and blend over skin taking extra care around fingers, elbows, knees and feet. Repeat if necessary to achieve a flawless finish. Leave on for at least 4 hours before showering (or swimming – it needs to set).  How long does it last? 3-5 days – more like five days if you look after it by moisturising well (and avoiding hot soaks in the bath).

Here’s 3 pumps onto the mitt, blended into one leg. That’s one application. Gorgeous golden finish on my short stumps. 

Little honey self tan review
Yeah, legs are hairy and toenails were chipped. Don’t judge me!

Enough background, you want my thoughts, eh?

  • The colour of the Bronzing Mist is beautiful: I’ve used this on a few friends as well as on me for a week: It delivers a beautiful natural golden tan. I’m fair but olive, I whacked some on my friend Portia who dared to come over in a singlet looking like Casper. She left looking like Sophia Vegara.
  • Your tan will last 3-5 days if you look after it (moisturise, moisturise and then do it again).
  • The price is fine – I’ll repurchase now multiple times, knowing how good the product is. The price point is ‘up there’ – but it’s worth it and it is made here in NZ: I’m usually happy to pay a little extra for NZ products (that work…)
  • I love the drying time. Apply it, blend it in. It dries in 10 seconds. I shit you not. Get dressed: It won’t get on your clothes. Hell, hop into bed, sweet as. It won’t leave brown tell-tale marks on your white sheets. Tan in a hurry? No probs.
  • The Bronzing Mist is not stick and – stop press – It smells nice! It’s got a lovely vanilla scent to it – totes un ‘fake-tan-ish stinky’. It has a little bit of a fake tan smell, but it’s not offensive: It’s nice.
  • The Flawless Blending Glove is the BOMB. Even if you don’t get the product, ditch your current mitt and get this one. It feels super luxurious and here’s the punchline: It’s waterproof lined – you cannot get stained hands! It does deliver a flawless finish. The mitt is so good I’ve bought one for a fake tanning mate (a bloke!) as his Christmas present. He needs a Little Honey mitt in his life.
  • The size of the bottle is fab: I’m always on the lookout for products that travel well. At 120ml this falls into the ‘travel friendly category’ and this will be chucked in my toiletry bag in 5 weeks time when I go to India. 
  • Wait – 120ml of Bronzing Mist? That’s not much. No, it’s not, but a little goes a long way.
  • Ingredients? Check this out.

A few random side notes:

  • I cannot imagine getting a spray on tan (like a pro one) anytime soon – this Bronzing Mist delivers such a good result and it’s so easy to use my hubby can do my whole body. #helikesthat
  • My Hubby is delighted: The sheets on my side of the bed usually looks like I had a roll in the dirt (gross) and we ended up having to get new sheets. What a minger I was (I like to tan at bed time).

Cons or things to look out for?

  • When you spray the glove, spray it in the shower, otherwise it may land in places you don’t want and you’ll have unnecessary cleaning up.  Your best bet is to spray your mitt in the shower, or over the bath, and just rinse away any rouge spray droplets.
  • If you use Little Honey on your face, I’d recommend making sure your face is really well moisturised if, like me, you have some scaring (I, um, was and still am, a bit of a zit picker). If you don’t do this, the tan will cling to your scarring in an unattractive fashion.

And that, my friends, is about the extent of any nitpicking I’m naturally wired to do when I commit myself to these beauty reviews. Little Honey is the bomb diggity. I’m a convert. Will I repurchase? Heck YES.

Want more info?

Check out Little Honey’s website.

Where can you buy this goodness? 

Available nationwide at Life Pharmacy and Unichem stores, Smith and Caughey’s department stores as well as other boutiques across NZ. Or online here.

Get in!

Thanks a million to Little Honey for sending this to me for review, I’m super grateful  ❤️

*Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse in the Colour Ultra Dark. Was my fave…