Australis 10hr eyeliner Bombastic BronzeIf you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know I get very excited when I chance upon makeup that’s both seriously inexpensive – and seriously good.

First though a point to clarify: Something in my book that is ‘seriously inexpensive’ is something under NZ$15. If you are in the USA and reading this, yes, I can hear you gasping: I’m aware the NZ$ equivalent of US$15 will get you big bang for beauty buck in the USA. However, bear in mind that, whilst I am cognisant that I’m truly blessed to live, arguably, in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, we are not blessed by our cost of living, nor makeup prices. Both subjects, incidentally, see me getting quickly up on my soap box so I’d better change the subject, stat. Anyhow, there’s my Lou Logic for arriving at NZ$15 and under as my ‘seriously inexpensive’ beauty find price point…

I stumbled across Australis’ 10 hour waterproof eyeliner in Kmart and I was hooked for two reasons: 1) NZ$13.50 is a price point that sings to me and 2) It’s waterproof, so it’s likely to live up to the 10 hour sustainability promise.  As I tried out the testers of the three available colours in the 10 hour wear range I thought to myself that the Bombastic Bronze colour reminded me of MAC’s Teddy eyeliner, one of my favourite dark brown eyeliners. Like Teddy,  Bombastic Bronze has has a shimmer with faint gold flecks running through it, so it’s not just a matt brown, it’s got the X Factor.

Despite owning more bronze eyeliners than you can poke a stick at, Bombastic Bronze was sold to the lady with the oily eyelids. I couldn’t get home fast enough to swatch Bronze Bombastic on the back of my hand with MAC Teddy next to it. Guess what? Boom, my (makeup) memory is good!  There’s not much of a difference between the two colours, in fact, I’m inclined to call Bombastic Bronze a MAC Teddy dupe and be done with it. Here’s the evidence below: Australis’ Bombastic Bronze swatched next to MAC Teddy, along with another treasured bronze eyeliner, Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick/Crayon in the colour Bad Girl Bronze (just as a point of comparison, coz, why not?).

Australis Bombastic Bronze eyeliner review

Australis Bombastic Bronze eyeliner review

Long story short, this eyeliner is so good I’m not whacking it my November favourites list, it deserves it’s own blogpost.  What do I love about it?

  • That it’s waterproof: You’ll bawl your eyes out and stay looking hot. It held up during a recent re-watch of one of my favourite all-time movies Sarah’s Key, which always makes me nearly buy shares in Kleenex, my eye sweats are so severe (for the record, the mascara I was wearing that day was Maybelline’s The Falsies (waterproof) and that too did me proud).   On account of the weather, I haven’t done the ‘swimming test’, but I’m quietly confident Bronze Bombastic will deliver.
  • It wears well on the waterline: That relates to the point above: It’s waterproof. If you are an eyemakeup novice (we’ve all been there, don’t fret) and you are wondering what the heck the waterline is, check out this blogpost.
  • It doesn’t smudge: I have seriously oily eyelids, if it doesn’t smudge or budge on me, it’s miraculous (note, I do wear an eyeshadow primer along my lashline even if I am only wearing eyeliner).
  • The colour is super pigmented and soft: You know those eyeliners that are really hard and you have to work really hard to apply the colour (Thin Lizzy eyeliners, I’m looking at you). This eyeliner, by comparison, glides on like a dream and the colour is bold.
  • The bronze tone suits everyone: The colour is gorgeous on green, blue, hazel or brown eyed girls so it’s super versatile. I’ve been wearing it a lot smudged (by my finger) around my lash-line (top and bottom) with a medium matt brown or light bronze eyeshadow all over my lid.  Easy, simple, but pretty makeup that’s wearable for both day or night.

Quality wise: The proof is in the pudding… Here’s the same swatches of all three eyeliners after 10 hours of wear on my arm.  Suffice to say I won’t be repurchasing MAC Teddy, I like Australis’ offering much better, simply as it wears better – oh, and it’s less than one third of the price tag.

Australis bombastic bronze eyeliner review

In summary, I love Bombastic Bronze so much I went back and bought the dark purple version (Grape Cake) from the same range.That’s gorgeous too.   There’s another one called ‘Aqua Attack’, which, no surprises here: Is a bold aqua colour (clever marketers).

That’s enough waxing lyrical.  Go raid your piggy box for $13.50 and get your skates on to Farmers or Kmart (note, I think it’s cheaper at Kmart than Farmers, I recall seeing it in Farmers for $16.50 – it’s a travesty!). The bottom line is: I reckon you need Bronze Bombastic in your makeup bag.