Bubble Fabulous. It’s not a mouthwash. It’s a spa for your mouth.

Have I got your attention?! I hope so, as this new Kiwi product is going to be a sensation and I’m dying to tell you all about it.

Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa Review

I love me a Kiwi made product and I get extraordinarily enthusiastic when a beauty or foodie Kiwi-made product comes my way accompanied with my favourite six words: “Would you like to try some?”

This is what happened late last year when I was contacted by Laura, fellow Kiwi girl and founder of Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa. Wait up. Bubble say what? This is a spa for your mouth – note, NOT a mouth wash! Well, given I switched to black coffee last year and I’m paranoid about having stinky breath: I replied at lightning speed to Laura’s kind offer and said “Yes please!”

Let’s get my impressions out of the way quick smart: Bubble Fabulous rocks, literally: Because you can feel the mouth wash working because it bubbles on your tongue like pop rocks! Hubby and I have been using this system twice daily for three weeks: We are big fans and we’ll be purchasing this for sure when my current stash runs out! No more Listerine for us: We were users, though that said, the amount of chemicals in there makes me slightly anxious.

Before I get into the ‘how to’ deets, the backstory to Bubble Fabulous is a rather neat one, so let me indulge you. Usual story: Someone in the market spots a glaring gap in the market and, shock horror, does something about it (that’s why I’m not an entrepreneur: I lack follow through). Bubble Fabulous founder Laura is a registered oral health therapist (dental hygienist) with a background in design. She was disillusioned with traditional mouth washes, which work like mints: Masking the problem rather than getting to the root cause of it. Bubble Fabulous actually gets the nasty stuff (bacteria) out of your mouth, particularly the tongue. With that said, using this product does not in any way act as a substitute for a half-yearly (or yearly) thorough dental check up at your trusted dental offices in Colorado Springs (or at your place of residence), but it may just have your dentist marveling at your stellar oral hygiene routine!

How do I use Bubble Fabulous?

Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa Tool (I prefer to call it the tongue scrapping doofer)

I was sent Bubble Fabulous Mouth Spa and their Mouth Spa tool, the latter is a, erm, scraper to get rid of all that nasty minging furry stuff that gathers on your tongue. You use it like this:

Step One
Using gentle pressure, simply sweep the Mouth Spa Tool from the back of your tongue to the front (as many times as you like, to get the, erm, fur off).

Step Two
Take a small swig of Mouth Spa solution – you want about 5ml, or one capful: Swig it straight from the bottle Leave the solution in your mouth – it’ll bubble gently away on your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for a minute (I usually kill time touch up my eyebrows, pack up my lunch, or put on my shoes!)

That’s it. Done-burger. No need to gargle or swish around you mouth. It does its magic for you. Don’t rush it: You need to leave the Mouth Spa in your mouth to give it enough time to work. If you feel bubbles, then it is working its magic on you!

Ultimately, using a wide variety of oral hygiene products is vital if you want healthy teeth and gums. However, it is still important to see a Dentist in Citrus Heights or wherever you might live at least once every six months for a professional overview of your oral health.

Things to note:

  • One of the things that impresses me about this nifty mouth spa system is that the solution is alcohol free, so you avoid the burning session you often get with regular mouth washes.
  • The bottle of mouth spa is 250ml in size: Which is equivalent to 2L of supermarket mouthwash: Good bang for buck!
  • Whilst I reckon this product is going to go gangbusters and be available in every pharmacy in NZ in time – it isn’t yet. So for now, this is an online only product: A fiver will get this delivered to you anwhere in EnZed.
  • What to know all the ingredients? Check them out here.
  • Price: $15.95 for the Mouth Spa. $3.95 for the Spa Tool (tongue scrapper doofer) OR, $17.95 for both (with a fiver on top for shipping). Buy online here.

Anything I don’t like about Bubble Fabulous? Well, given my departure for overseas is imminent and Bubble Fabulous is firmly part of my morning and nightly routine, I wish it came in a mini travel size (I already asked Laura about this: A travel friendly mini is coming!) However, I did a workaround: I bought a travel sized Listerine, tipped it down the drain (!) and filled it up with the last of my Bubble Fabulous (sorry husband!). That’s that sorted.

Keen to know more? Check out Bubble Fabulous’ website and they are on Facebook and Instagram. There’s some handy oral tips for adults and kids on Instagram. Nice. While you’re checking our Bubble Fabulous on Instagram, you may notice the massive amount of followers they have! They must have a manager for instagram, what’s even better is that you can get a manager for your instagram to give your followers a boost! You never know, before now, you could have 10,000 followers to your name!

Thank you so much Laura for sending this to me – You have a fabulous product on your hands and I can’t wait to see this go gangbusters!