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chicken teriyaki recipeWe had this for dinner tonight and Hot Hubby said ‘you’ve gotta blog that’ – it’s been one of his favourite meals for at least the last decade! This meal is so easy to make, utterly scrummy and easily rivals any teriyaki dish I’ve had in an authentic Japanese restaurant.   If you’ve purchased store-made teriyaki sauce in the past, you won’t anymore when you see how easy this is!  On that note, I do recommend you double the recipe for the sauce and store the remaining half in a jar the fridge – it keeps well for months and bonus: You’ve got some on hand ready to go next time (or use as a stirfry sauce… Yum).

The thing I like the most about this recipe is that it’s fancy enough to serve up to guests which I’ve done on many occasion). Equally, it’s quick enough to rustle up at 5.30pm mid week to feed a hungry family, it’s the rice that takes the longest to cook!   Typing this recipe out has bought me a surge of happy memories, I used to make this regularly back in another life when I was a nanny – ‘my kids’ could never get enough of this – and  now they’ve grown up, I’m told it’s a dish they regularly cook!

Lastly – if you haven’t tried Japanese mayo, I need to issue a word of caution: It’s addictive and you’ll wonder how you’ve survived without it (umm, time to fess up, I have it squirted over my poached eggs every morning – heaven on a plate).  You should be able to pick Japanese mayo (the brand is ‘Kewpie’) up in the Asian section of your local supermarket, or ask for it at an Asian Grocery.   What’s the difference between Japanese mayo and normal mayo? Some kind soul already did a write up on this – check it out here. 


Add the teriyaki sauce to the pan and simmer till the colour darkens (about a minute)
Proceed with caution! Highly addictive!
Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sauce)