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cloud eggs Cloud eggs… What the?

Cloud eggs keep popping up in my Facebook and Instagram feed. Sounds like this is the next best thing since Mecca Cosmetica, The Hobbit, Big Mac, Cronut, Lewis Road Creamery. You get my drift.

I’m usually get a bit titchy with hype. I am usually reluctant to buy in to this. For example, I still haven’t seen LOTR. I am, possibly, one of the last beauty bloggers to purchase the much lusted after Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. I bought my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette eighteen months after it came out – which was dumb: I should have bought it immediately. It’s that good.  I am told  this is an interesting trait of my personality: I’m good at creating hype. Yet I don’t buy into it. Hmmm.

Cloud eggs

The concept, is: Whisk up the egg whites, make a nest. Bake em’. Place egg yolks into nest. Bake ’em.  I was seriously sceptical – I’m a DIE-HARD poached egg fan and devour these for brekky probably half of the week. Cloud eggs, to my mind, sounded like a bit too much faffing around. Why ruin a good thing? Yes: I’m loyal to my poachies.

You know where this is going: I gave cloud eggs a go. 

I’ve blogged the recipe for you. To be honest, you don’t need to read it. Here’s what you do. Temperature of oven, incidentally is 180 degrees. Bake egg whites for 3 mins. Add yolks, cook for another 3 mins.

cloud eggs recipe

cloud eggs recipe

cloud eggs recipe

My thoughts?

These cloud eggs tasted surprisingly OK because, to be honest, I thought they looked a bit minging right from prep through to plating them up. I think the addition of the Parmesan to the eggs was gold. Coz, you  know… Cheese.

In terms of the prep and technique – this is far too high in faff factor for a week day morning breakfast,. Ain’t nobody got time to separate eggs prior to 7.00am, let alone beat them to stiff whites.  Yup,  these would be an acceptable breakfast in my house for lazy weekend mornings.

I could potentially see the benefits of making these for a large group of breakfast-goers: Making poached eggs for the masses can be a bit of a palaver after all.  

Another up: These would be fun for kids to make, I do note Mother’s Day is just around the corner. On that note, have you read this blog post about Mother’s Day?  Exec summary if you can’t be bothered reading it: Mother’s Day is about presence, not presents and I’m getting increasingly grumpy about all the marketing palaver ahead of this event, noting my Dad died two weeks ago, so I’m mindful I’m over sensitive at the moment to a day honouring a parent.

To pull my cloud egg waffling to a close, I’ll make these again, once,  for my hubby as he’s an appreciator of the new and novel. It’s a good quality marital conversation after all: The pros and cons of cloud eggs.  I don’t think I’d bother making them again. Glad I’ve ticked off my curiosity though but I’m back to my poachies.  They are, well, eggscellent. Eggsceptional. I’m so punny.

Here’s how you make cloud eggs. Noting I thought the egg white looked terrible and was dreading eating it, so I added finely grated Parmesan and seasoned the shit out of it.  That’s better.

As a total aside… I’m really in a dilemma about the previously mentioned Anastasia Beverly HIlls Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. This one. It’s beautiful.  What do you reckon? Should I bite the proverbial bullet?