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bacon egg and potato crustless quicheTonight’s #shopyourownpantry dinner* was a bacon, egg and potato crustless quiche which was  inspired by all the comments on my Facebook page after I shared this post about eggs:

bacon egg and potato crustless quiche

My goodness, recipes galore! I’m going to give egg curry a whirl (if you want the recipe, go to my Facebook page and read through the comments… Yum!),  I’ve got my eye on bacon and egg cupcakes later this week (I always make this recipe), and someone shared this tasty looking Spanish Egg recipe from My Food Bag – that’s another meal sorted. Thanks lovelies for your egg inspo.

Reading through the comments, I started craving quiche – well, actually, I was craving bacon and egg pie with pastry, but I had no urges to make pastry: I vacuumed this morning and you know how it rolls… There’d be flour up the ying yang.  I’m too lazy to vacuum again this week. Besides, I did a makeover this afternoon (trial run for a  gorgeous ball goer) and I’ve got makeup to put away and brushes to wash. It’s a hard life.  So, bacon egg and potato crustless quiche it was.

Here’s the recipe. It was such a good meal I sat down and have bashed it out while I remember what went in it  (I have a very bad remember).  This bacon egg and potato crustless quiche is based on my friend Emma’s Zucchini Slice recipe: This is a no fail family recipe and I adapt it all the time and it never lets me down! I love those kind of recipes…  Thanks Em. x

The Recipe

bacon egg and potato crustless quiche
Prior to going into the oven
bacon egg and potato crustless quiche
Token cheesy selfie (that’s my Kilt Tabitha cardi, yet again). Not a good angle of the quiche, but my eyeliner is on point. It’s the small things!

What’s this #shopmyownpantrydinner malarkey?

This malarkey started yesterday. You see, recent analysis of my bank account gave me a fright: The amount of money we spend on groceries… Hells bells. It’s out of control. I decided I need to reign ‘it’ in, STAT.  Given our pantry is positively groaning with ingredients, the sensible place to start seemed to be ‘shopping my own pantry’. So, that’s it: No grocery shopping for us this week!  Inevitably, when I’ve got limited ingredients, this is when I’m the most creative: Because I’m forced into it. Crustless quiche is hardly super creative, but I don’t care. It was delicious and the recipe made enough for hubby and I for lunch. Winning!