Someone asked me recently what my favourite ‘beauty find’ was.  What a great question. Clinique’s Take the Day off Balm? Good undereye concealer? Eyeshadow primer? Waterproof mascara to keep my lashes curled? Absolutely all favorite finds but actually, top of my Beauty Finds Charts is dry shampoo.  The person who asked was momentarily floored with my answer… “Like the stuff you should use when you go camping?” So here’s a blog post to dispel that myth. Dry shampoo is a secret weapon and it’s not just for camping (or the nursing home).

Simply put, in between hair washes, spray dry shampoo on your roots, brush it out (or use your hand) and watch the greasiness get absorbed into nothingness. You’ll have fresh, clean hair, full of volume, that smells nice and styles easily.  No more greasiness. No limpness. Magic.

Up until a year ago, since puberty I was a daily hair washer and my oily hair was the bain of my life. On impulse I picked up a can of dry shampoo in Farmers: Best impulse purchase ever. Now I usually wash my hair every other day, or if I wear my hair up,I can go three days.  This said, as an experiment, ahead of publishing this blog, I can report I went five days in between wet hair washes and my hair looked fine (that said I did wear it up on days 3-5)! Crikey, that’s a good effort.

For me the benefits are fabulous: I save money on shampoo and conditioner and my hair colour lasts longer). I’ve got more time in the mornings and, don’t quote me on this, I’m positive my hair is growing faster (Why’s that? Anyone?).

I’ve now tried most of the brands on the shelf at Farmers, Bastiste, Lee Stafford (who irritate the heck out of me bY WriTinG like ThIs on the can, grrr).  I reckon these brands are much of a muchness and do a great job. Unfortunately, I thought I’d give De Lorenzo’s version, a high end dry shampoo, a whirl. I say ‘unfortunately’ as it’s I wish I hadn’t: It’s amazing and, predictably, twice the price. This is so good I’m onto my third can… If you are shampoo snob (e.g. you only use salon products, give De Lorenzo a go, it’s got no nasties in it, it’s organic with rosehip and rice extract. If you like beauty on a budget, rock into Farmers (and don’t go looking elsewhere!).  The more inexpensive versions are totally fit for purpose! If you are still hesitant, you can small travel size cans for around $7 (that’s how I got hooked).

Back to camping, I wish I’d known about this in my twenties when I lived on a campsite for three years in Europe and the shower block was 300m away. At least I know now – ready for the nursing home, right?

Have you tried a dry shampoo? Thoughts? I’d love to hear your recommendations…