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Dukkah recipe
I love giving homemade foodie gifts at Christmas and I absolutely love receiving them.  Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive,  yet, more than ever, society puts an emphasis on giving big extravagant gifts… Just think of all the marketing campaigns you see leading up to Christmas! This makes me sad as I just don’t think this what Christmas should be about.  Giving and receiving something thoughtful, made with love, time and effort – now that’s what makes people feel special… And when you make a foodie gift for a fellow foodie and they come back and ask for the recipe, as happened to me last year with this dukkah recipe, then you know you hit the gift giving jackpot!  Package this dukkah up in a nice jar, tie some ribbon around the lid, maybe make a homemade label – done.

What’s Dukkah?

Dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah) is a highly addictive spicy nut mixture that’s become really trendy in the recent years, but has actually been around for centuries.   It’s a versatile mixture to have in the cupboard.  I have mine on poached eggs, sprinkled over salads (it’s amazing with avocado), mixed through salads (e.g. quinoa, like this recipe and this one). I love it on this crunchy carrot, date and almond salad. It’s delicious as part of a crusty coating for meats (e.g. baby lamb crust mixture, like in this recipe), or sprinkled over chicken kebabs cooked on the BBQ, with some garlicky yogurt dip.  It’s also delicious eaten simply, like they do in the Middle East:  Grab a chunk of crust bread, dip it in a fruity extra virgin olive oil, then dip it in the dukkah. Oh. Wow.  Be wary of serving this up before dinner – everyone will tuck into it and won’t have any room left to eat dinner. I speak from experience.

This is definitely a recipe where you can get creative – I don’t think I’ve ever used exactly the same recipe twice, I vary it as I go. But, more or less, this was my last batch (which I doubled FYI) which was a huge hit! I hope you enjoy!  Lou

Tools needed: Food processor or mortar and pestle.