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asaparagus hollandaise and dukkah recipeI’ve been dithering about whether I should blog this recipe for asparagus with dukkah and Hollandaise sauce.  Why? Because it’s so easy: It’s one of those recipes that’s ‘not really a recipe’. But I decided to for two reasons:  Firstly, it was my favourite dish on our 2015 Christmas table (well, actually, we dish up on the kitchen bench, but let’s not split hairs) and, secondly: Recipes that are ‘too easy to be really be recipes” are my kind of, err, recipes.  This recipe is super low in prep faff factor, mainly as I always have a stash of dukkah in the pantry that’s ready to go at all times. 

On the topic of Hollandaise, this delicious sauce has a reputation as being a pain in the bum to make… That’s unfair I reckon!  Here’s my easy Hollandaise sauce recipe (it’s never let me down yet) and it’s the perfect accompaniment to fresh asparagus.  All that said, if you really can’t be bothered making Hollandaise from scratch, fair enough, so, if you are in NZ, this Hollandaise sauce made by Kato is a great ‘store bought’ one.  Anyway, enough chit chat, best I bust it out this recipe for you before asparagus season dries up!