Rosehip Essano reviewI’m a sucker for a new beauty range, noting that NZ made Essano’s Rosehip range isn’t that new, I’m just slow to the bandwagon! On a recent trip to Napier I did my usual: Visit the local supermarket and, damn: It was New World Beauty Week. Sigh. Clearly I was destined to purchase some beauty products. Deciding this was destiny, I puchased Essano Rosehip Cleanser and Body Lotion to see what all the fuss was about.

Fuss, you ask? I’ve read a lot of rave reviews, but I’m a sceptic: Beauty editors in magazines get sent freebies and subsequently rarely post anything less than rave reviews. Also, I’d read a lot of ravings from beauty bloggers and, upon closer investigation, I’d noted many of them had received a sample PR pack… This makes me a little suss and thus, I was a little reluctant to try Essano.

Having given Essano’s body lotion and facial cleanser a good ‘going over’ in the last three weeks, here’s the punchline:

I should have tried Essano sooner.

I nearly included both this cleanser and the body moisturiser in my Lou’s February Faves blog post. I didn’t because I felt Essano’s Rosehip cleanser and body moisturiser deserved their own dedicated blog post. High praise indeed. Here’s the deets (but not too many, I’ll keep this brief).  

Note, as a disclaimer, I’ve got oily skin – and skin that’s as tough as boots (Lou speak for ‘not sensitive’).  I can’t comment on how the cleanser will work for other lasses with a different skin type i.e. a dry or normal complexion.

Rosehip Gentle Foaming Facial Cleaner

essano cleanser reviewThere’s 140mls of goodness in here, for the non pricely sum of NZ$15.99 at full price, however I paid NZ$12 from memory (Tip: Countdown and New World have Essano on sale fairly regularly).

This cleanser has no baddies (including soap), it’s packed full of certified organic Rosehip Oil and active natural botanical extracts, including aloe vera for hydration.  I’m using this morning and night (double cleansing at night after removing my makeup with coconut oil) and this is working a treat on my oily skin, leaving it feeling super clean, yet not drying. My hubby, who has normal skin, reports the same findings.

How to use the cleanser? Noting special, do the usual! Wet your face with warm water, pump some product into your hand, massage onto your face (I engage a flannel too). Then rinse off. Voila.  Just be careful not to use a ‘press down on the pump’ – a little cleanser goes a long way.

Look, I love this cleanser.  It cleanses beautifully and I love how my skin feels after. Being a ‘product sniffer’, scent is important to me, so pleasingly, I adore the smell. That said, I’ve got my knickers in a right  knot trying to work out what the smell reminds me of. I think it reminds me of a mix of aniseed wheels (remember those lollies?) and the scent of one of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls from when I was about seven years old. Hubby and I do not, for the record, think this smells like roses!

Exec summary from the hubby and wife Cleansing testing team?  We declare Essano’s Rosehip gentle foaming cleanser tip top and we reckon it’s as good as Moreish’s Foaming Cleanser ( our all time favourite cleanser). Yup, high praise!).  Will we buy it again? For sure.

Rosehip Intensive Hydrating Body Lotion

Essano rosehip body lotion With 400mls of creamy body lotion for NZ$20, like the cleanser, this body lotion is all-natural and contains active natural botanicals and certified organic Rosehip Oil. The combo promises to nourish and renew your skin.  I’m using it morning and night – everywhere.  From my decolletage to my feet (I’m relentless with moisturiser, I’m always slapping it on).  My skin feels smooth and moisturised. It makes my boobs feel like a baby’s bum (hubby likes this, is that TMI?).  

I have one minor grumble about this body lotion and that’s it takes quite a while to massage into my skin. However, I find that’s often the case with all-natural moisturisers (anyone know why?) so, I’ll suck that one up, I’m supposed to be working on being more patient after all (this is a constant work in progress!). At the risk of sounding defensive, my get ready and un-ready (for bed) routine takes too long as it is and I’m always looking for shortcuts! I ain’t got time to rub stuff in!

Pedantic grumbling aside, this body lotion gets the thumbs up, noting at NZ$20 it’s a little more than I’d usually spend on a body lotion. However, I need to revise being such a cheapskate as this is NZ made and all natural. In reality, this price is nothing to whinge about. Will I buy it again? Absolutely.

Essano rosehip treat your skin packWant to try before you buy?’ Why not give Essano a test run in this ‘Treat Your Skin Pack? This contains all five essential Essano products in convenient mini sizes. It’s NZ$25, but again, look out for a sale, you can often get it for NZ$18. I got this pack and I’m just finishing up the minis: To keep this brief:  All of it is awesome, noting I lost the Rosehip Oil before I tried it, I think it went up the vacuum cleaner… Sigh. So, I can’t report back regarding whether that’s any good!

Where to buy the Essano range? It’s widely available at New World and Countdown supermarkets.

Get in!