You know the drill – right? Here’s the beauty foodie finds that have been floating my boat this month.  Another eclectic round up… Did you expect anything less?

Elf Shine Eraser Blotting Sheets

Elf Shine Eraser Blotting SheetsElf oil blotting sheetsI get a super shiny face during the day and really detest having to re-powder my face to take the shine away. Then I discovered Elf’s blotting sheets! These are little pieces of oil absorbent paper which you press onto the shiny parts of your face to soak up excess oil and remove shine. Check out my dedicated product review photo, mid demonstration.  Despite having read bad reviews on this particular product, I thought for NZ$3 I’d live on the edge and give them a whirl. I’m glad I did: I reckon they are fab! Check out my demo photos. Bonus marks for not smudging my makeup either. These are a must have in my handbag: Top marks. Price: $3 from Kmart. (PS I’ve heard that Starbucks napkins make fabulous blotting sheets… Anyone tried these?! I’m nervous mentioning that… I’ve got visions of Starbucks experiencing a surge in popularity next week, followed by a sudden and unexplained mass exodus of their serviettes…

Ma Prenzels Raspberry Wine VinegarMa Prenzels Raspberry Wine Vinegar

This is a gorgeous sweet raspberry vinegar, paired, according to Prenzels, with the sharpness and depth of their Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar. It’s simply delicious in marinades and sauces, or keep it simple and just drizzle it over a salad. This one key ingredient took my recent dukkah crusted lamb rack salad to a whole new level: “Hmmmm. Restaurant quality nosh” hubby muttered, mid mouthful. Price: NZ$15.90 for 250ml.

Mary Kay CC Cream ReviewMary Kay CC Cream

Stop press! I was a CC Cream virgin! Having heard great things I decided to give Mary Kay’s offering a bash after Mandy, my lovely local Mary Kay rep, sung it’s praises. CC cream stands for “colour correcting” as they correct issues like redness or sallowness. I knew the coverage provided by CC cream was light when I ordered this, but I wasn’t prepared for quite how sheer it would be. When I’m wearing it, it’s like I haven’t got a base on at all. But that’s what I like! It evens out my skin tone whilst leaving a lovely natural finish (it doesn’t cover any blemishes though – I still have to fish out the concealer). Check out the photo at the bottom of this blog post to see what the coverage is like. Long story short: I like this product  so much I’ve temporarily ditched my BB cream and I’ve been wearing this five days out of seven for the last month. It wears pretty well on my oily skin, though I have noticed I do have to set it with a finishing powder (I swear by MAC Blot powder). In a nutshell, if you like a very natural-looking coverage, you’ll enjoy this. If you prefer a fuller coverage: Stay clear, this probably isn’t for you. Price: NZ$40. Next stop: DD cream (it’s apparently en-route, I’ll keep you posted).

Tupperware Insulated Reheatable Coffee Mug

Tupperware Insulated Reheatable Coffee MugI rediscovered this recently when I was cleaning out my pantry (I got this at least two years ago at a Tupperware party). I’ve been missing out: Totally leak proof, I make my coffee in the morning, add milk, put the lid on: Shake it and throw it in my handbag to drink on my way to work. Yes, you read that right. Throw it in my handbag. Love it. Can’t remember the price, I seem to recall it was around the $40 mark, making it four times more expensive than my Keep Cup from my favourite local cafe (Bay Espresso, if you are interested). Not cheap, but it’s going to last forever and… did I mention it doesn’t leak and I throw it in my handbag as I walk out the door to work?

Avon Eyeshadow Duo

Avon Retro Glamour eyeshadow reviewI was rapt to be sent this Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in the colour Retro Glamour from Lynn, my local Avon lady. Lynn, quite rightly, thought I might like to try it out. Whoop! A purple smokey is my absolute favourite look on brown eyes, so naturally, it’s a look I sport often. These two shades in this little compact are beautiful together. I wear the light shade all over my lid and blend the dark purple into my outer v and crease. It’s worth mentioning that I own quite a few purple MAC eyeshadows, yet  it doesn’t  seem tomatter what purple look I start doing: I always end up reaching for this compact and putting one, if not both, of these shades on. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is excellent, they last well and simply the colours are gorgeous. I’d like to try more of these!  Note, it did come with little sponge applicators, but as usual, these went straight in the bin, I hate ’em.  Price: Good bang for buck at NZ$24.99 (and I’ve seen them on sale for as low as $9, nice) . (PS I can’t find a sodding photo of me with this on, sorry!)

Mary Kay CC Cream review
Mary Kay CC Cream (it’s all I’ve got on, well, except for my jersey….). Coverage is super light and very natural.

That’s it from me. What beauty foodie finds have you been loving? I’d love to hear 🙂 Lou

PS: Here’s my Tupperware cup in my bag…. I love it!

Happiness is a takeaway cup that doesn’t leak.