My buddy Caroline and her family came over for Friday Takeaway night and we whipped these up (literally for dessert). We didn’t do it quite right, but that’s OK, they tasted amazeballs (get it?!) and in any case, you can learn from our mistakes!  These are so easy – and so good. So bad. But so good. I usually don’t know the meaning of the word ‘rich’ – but these are so rich, I ate three and was happily content.


All you need is a food processor, a packet of posh chocolate biscuits, a punnet of cream cheese and a king sized block of chocolate (preferably Whittakers), a skewer (e.g. a BBQ skewer) and two hands in good working order! Below is the ingredients to make one set of chocolates.  We are good wives and made two different kinds for our wonderful husbands (childish snort).  I thought I’d better explain that so you know why you can see two different kinds of chocolates in the photos.

  • Packet of Tim Tams or Mint Slice Biscuits
  • 125g punnet of spreadable cream cheese (we used Anchor)
  • Half a block of king size chocolate – white or dark, your choice (we used Whittakers Chocolate because who doesn’t love that?!)


Step 1:  Dump the packet of biscuits in the food processor. Blitz until they resemble fine breadcrumbs and then transfer into a bowl.
Step 2:  Add the cream cheese to the chocolate ‘breadcrumbs’ (Note, you only need 125g, e.g. half a normal sized punnet).Beat the crap out if it until it’s well combined.
Step 3:  Using a teaspoon scoop up a heaped mound of mixture. Roll into a ball with your (clean) hands. Pop onto a plate. Repeat till you’ve got no mixture left. When done put the plate in the fridge until the next step.
Step 4: Melt your half block of chocolate (I use the double boiler method as I always seem to overdo it using any other method!). Transfer the melted chocolate to a deep medium sized bowl ready for dipping (we didn’t do this – which made it tricky to coat the balls in chocolate).
Step 5:  Line a large plate with glad wrap (we didn’t do this either… Our balls stuck to the plate, fail).  Get the balls back out of the fridge. Spear a ball with the skewer. Coat with the melted chocolate. Then drop them onto the plate.
Step 6:  When you have coated all the balls put them back in the fridge for half an hour until set.

Eat and enjoy!