imageI was mortified when I dropped my MAC eyeshadow on the floor (it was the colour ‘Brun’, in case you are interested).  At NZ$38 a pop, it was an amateur mistake. Unfortunately it was an eyeshadow I used every day (not on my eyes, by the way, on my brows, it’s my favourite brow powder).

But I’d heard that broken eyeshadows/blushers can be fixed and I was up for that!  So, after a five minute investment of time on You Tube to witness this first hand, I bolted to the chemist to buy some rubbing alcohol ($6) and presto – my eyeshadow is (almost) as good as new.  To be honest, the colour now it’s fixed is slightly lighter, but it works just fine. I’m rapt.

Here’s how you do it in 10 easy steps (using five minutes of your time).

All you need is:image
A broken eyeshadow
Rubbing alcohol, aka  Isopropyl Alcohol (just a few drops) – the higher the percentage the better, I got 100% rubbing alcohol as that was all I could find.
A utensil to break up the remaining eyeshadow (I used the end of some tweezers)
An old towel
A cotton bud
A cotton pad
50c coin (or something that is the same shape/size as the eyeshadow pan you are working with)
Optional: A medicine dropper (necessary if you have a steady hand!)


Step 1: First, clean the utensil you’ll use to mash up the eyeshadow.  Use some rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton pad to do this.
Step 2: Place your eyeshadow on an old towel so it doesn’t slide around on your work surface.
Step 3: Using the utensil, carefully and slowly crush up the eyeshadow until it resembles a fine powder.
Step 4: Add a few tiny drops of rubbing alcohol to the eyeshadow (Tip: Pour a tiny amount into the lid, then drop it into the eyeshadow, so you don’t risk putting too much in!  You are better to add too little, rather than too much… If you err slightly on the side of clumsy, you may prefer to use a medicine dropper for this step)
Step 5: Carefully mix the rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow until the consistency is like a paste. Keep mixing until you’ve combined in all the dry eyeshadow.   Add a teeny bit more rubbing alcohol if needed.
Step 6: When the shadow is all mixed in smooth the mixture down flat with the utensil.
Step 7: Cover the eyeshadow with a tissue, and press down with a coin, or something hard to even out the surface of the eyeshadow.
Step 8: Clean up the outside of the eyeshadow with a cotton bud.
Step 9:  Put your eyeshadow to one side and leave overnight to dry out/set.
Step 10: Use your eyeshadow as usual!

What do you think? Have you tried this? Let me know!