Loreal Telescopic Mascara Review RT
Before and after. I applied three coats of mascara (what can I say, I like a little drama)

It’s no secret that a) I rarely leave the house sans eyelashes and brows and, b) Maybelline’s The Falsies is my No1 mascara. I love The Falsies because it’s inexpensive (well, as cheap as makeup ever is in NZ) and it gives me eyelashes that are so dramatic I’m often asked if I have eyelash extensions.  So, it is extraordinarily rare that I will stray and buy a different brand. On a whim, I bought L’oreal’s Shocking Extensions Telescopic  Waterproof Mascara and the short version of the story is: This product is a CRACKER and I reckon it’s nearly as good as The Falsies. Check out the before and after photo. Result!

L'oreal Telescopic shocking extensions mascaraWhy do I use waterproof mascara?

There is two good reasons… Firstly, waterproof mascara doesn’t budge, you won’t end up resembling a panda with mascara smudging and flaking around your eye area. This stuff doesn’t move.

Secondly, if like me, you curl your eyelashes, waterproof mascara holds an eyelash curl a squillion times better than their non-waterproof counterparts (normal mascara will result in the curl straightening out).

Additionally, in a mascara I’m looking for a product to hold my lash curl, lengthen and separate, oh, and add volume.  I’m a tough customer, clearly.  Here’s my run down on how L’oreal’s Telescopic Mascara stacks up:


  • The plastic brush is super stiff and it hugs your lashes forcing them upwards during the application process. As a result your lashes get nicely separated from root to tip. Bonus: I’ve never have to comb my lashes as a result of my lashes getting clumped together.  This is a  nice surprise, my first reaction when I saw the teeny bristles on the mascara wand was “this isn’t going to work”. But by jingo, it does!
  • The formula defines and lengthens beautifully.
  • The waterproof formula holds the curl in my lashes beautifully – no need to waste valuable time re-curling your lashes after applying mascara.
  • The formula doesn’t smudge or flake. It stays put all day – so you look HOT.

Cons? None. Hmm, maybe if I’m really nitpicking, it would be good if it volumised a little more (which is exactly why The Falsies remains my Top Mascara).

Will I buy this again?  Yes, absolutely. Incidentally, it reminds me of the Diorshow mascara, which is what I used to use before I discovered the Falsies. Diorshow is a cracking mascara as well but it’s twice the price of L’oreal’s offering. Mascara, I reckon, is one product you can definitely save your beauty buck on, you don’t need to spend top dollar.

So, if you are looking for a new mascara – definitely consider giving this one a go (or The Falsies!). Also, do give waterproof mascara a bash if you haven’t already. You’ll never look back. Promise 🙂

Where to buy: Farmers, Kmart, Pharmacies. Price is NZ$30-$35 (for 8g of product).

PS: If you are wondering how to remove waterproof mascara (because it can be a stubborn little bugger) – stay tuned, I’ve got a blog post coming up on that shortly!