Is it just me, or do these monthly favourite blog posts rock around super fast?

Jordana Blackberry Lipstick

Jordana blackberry lipstick
I slipped putting the lid back on the lipstick. Forgive me for the slightly dodgy shape!

Right, let’s get this out of the way, yes, I bought a $4 lipstick from my local 1,2,3 Shop (i.e. $2 shop) and it’s CRANKING HOT. It’s so good my work colleague Lauren went and bought one as well and she’s rocking it daily. It’s the perfect winter shade, it’s a deep berry colour with a slight sheen finish to it and it applies smooth and pigmented. It’s also got a scent that is reminiscent of my youth when I played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls (but I can’t remember which doll). I mention this as some people will be put off by this.. Oh and the packaging is as you’d expect for $4 (pretty shoddy). Skin tone wise Blackberry is pretty versatile: It looks great on my super ghostly winter complexion and Lauren looks like a supermodel wearing it with her deep tanned olive skin tone. Beauty on a bargain. Happy times. PS I reckon lovers of MAC’s Rebel lipstick will adore Blackberry. Price: NZ$4. Available: Keep an eye out for a Jordana stand at your local $2 or 1,2,3 Shop.

Jordana Blackberry lipstick
Jordana lippy and Motion Lotion in my wavy hair (I did the latter with my hair straighteners, I’m rapt I’ve finally learnt how to do it – I’ve been trying to master the ‘wave technique’ for years!)

Revlon Colourstay Foundation

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush review

There’s a reason this foundation has been around for an age and it’s still a bestseller, that’s because it’s THAT GOOD. I wasted some precious coin last year on some NARS sheer matte and, after first application I wrote it off as crap and declared it “nowhere near as colourstay”. I’m not sure why I bother buying other foundations, this is a firm favourite as it stays put nearly all day (miraculous on my oily skin), has a gorgeous medium coverage finish (covers my acne scarring, no need for concealer) and it’s build-able up to full coverage for a night out (I just whack on another thin layer). I usually apply my Colourstay Foundation with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (see pic above – incidentally you can now by these sponges at Farmers, whoop!). Price: NZ$40 (which rips my undies as it’s US$13 in The States. Sigh.

Zoeva Luxe Highlight 105 Brush

(See ‘Revlon Colourstay’ photo) In all honesty, I bought this Zoeva Luxe Highlight brush because Sharon The Makeup Artist raved about it. \I didn’t really need it. But when it arrived, I realised: I did need it. I’m in love with this super soft synthetic made highlighter brush because it’s sooooo versatile. I use it for highlighting (the top of my cheekbones to brighten up my complexion in this dreary Rotorua winter) and it’s legendary for contouring and for applying blush. On the latter note, if you have fine features (or a small face) you’ll love this brush to apply blush because it’s small and therefore applies with precision. The price also sings to me: At AUD$24.50 this is a high end brush at a low end price. Available: From Beauty Bay (warning, postage from Beauty Bay takes an age, i.e. 3 weeks to NZ) or Zoeva (both companies ship to NZ).

Zoeva, incidentally, is a German cosmetics and brush company. I’ve bought a few of their brushes and, to keep things simple, they’re bloody fantastic and I’m calling it a day in buying anymore MAC brushes: These are every bit as good, at a fraction of the price.

Motion Lotion – Kevin Murphy

Motion Lotion Kevin Murphy Review

The packaging says it all really, this curl enhancing lotion is THE BUSINESS. I have poker straight hair that refuses to hold curls for more than a few hours – but not anymore! Motion Lotion gives fabulous definition and hold – and it tames my frizz. I scrunch this into my hair after curling and I’m still high-fiving the curls that are still in place at bedtime. The trick is less is more: Apply too much and your hair will be sticky. Apply just a few drops and you won’t even know there’s product in your hair. This is hands down the best product I’ve tried for keeping curls/waves locked in. Being partial to herbal/lavender scents, this also floats my boat. On another note, I need to skite, I’ve finally, after years of frustration, learn how to put waves in my hair with my hair straighteners. Happy days. Price: NZ$45 Available: From hair salons stocking Kevin Murphy, or hair product shops like Shampoo Plus.

Chocoholic Pinotage

chocoholic pinotage review
Just wanted to show you the label of Chocolate Box Shiraz as well. Love the delightfully retro label!

I’m in danger of sounding like a pisshead (I’m not, I probably average 3-4 glasses of wine a week). However, I’ve bought so much Chocoholic Pinotage from my local Liquorland lately, the sales guy said to me “you like this one, don’t you?” Hmmm. This delicious (and dangeously moreish) pinotage, from South African’s Darling Cellars, has been a big hit in our house lately with both hubby and I, as well as fellow red wine fanatics. The coffee and chocolate notes are subtle, it’s got deep plummy undertones. It’s smooth with a good finish. It’s on the sweet side. Umm, what else? I’m as bad at describing wines as I am perfume. Sorry.

chocoholic pinotage review
My favourite shelf at Liquorland. There’s a bottle of Ass Kisser in the cupboard ready for next weekend!

Netflix & Lightbox

I’m a bit late to the party really. I’ve only just cottoned on to Netflix and Lightbox… Backtracking a bit, I had two weeks off in early May when I got struck down with a viral infection, chest infection and full blown laryngitis that rendered me, literally, speechless (I communicated for a whole week by sign language or through typing on my tablet). I can’t recall when I was last so ill. Anyway, I was whinging on Facebook about how crap NZ TV is, when some bright spark told me to download Lightbox and Netflix as both have a free month’s trial. Some serious binge telly watching followed, to the point where I’m now thinking I should probably check what options are available for internet available in my area to see who has the best speeds, so I won’t have to worry about things pausing to buffer while I’m watching them because I don’t think this love of streaming is going to stop any time soon. But I now TOTALLY get why my husband wanted to buy a Smart TV and maybe giving a universal remote (look at sites like if you are interested): Holy crap, where have I been? I haven’t watched regular TV since! Of course, I know some people still love cable, and I can understand that. Especially when you click here for the statistics and see what people are watching, it makes sense. Still, I’m hooked on my new setup. My favourite shows so far have been Outlander (of Diana Gabaldon fame), Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and Orphan Orange. I’m in a dilemma now though – after my month’s free trial is up I have to decide which service to keep… I’m bummed we’ve got a 12 month contract with Sky – we won’t be watching this anymore (adverts drive me bloody bonkers!).

That’s my favorites from last month. What’s spinning your wheels at the moment?