makeup geek enchanted pigment review

I was pretty excited recently when Makeup Geek finally restocked their ‘shelves’ (theoretcial shelves: They are an online store). I’ve been wanting to get their Creme Brulee and Peach Smoothie eyeshadows for a while, but they are constantly sold out: Clearly a sign of serious popularity! They were back in stock recently so I leapt into action, snapping up these along with a few other coveted goodies. I was super pleased I did: They were out of stock again a few days later! (Note, at the time of writing this blog post they were in stock again).

Here’s a quick run down on these two highly sought-after eyeshadows, a Z Palette,  Makeup Geek’s Enchanted loose pigment, as well as a couple of eyeshadow brushes that I got at the same time.

Firsty, if you haven’t heard of Makeup Geek, I’ve covered all the bases in this blog post (one of the first posts I ever did!).  In a nutshell:

  • Their eyeshadows are super affordable (US$5.99 each), the same size as MAC eyeshadows (1.8g of product that MAC charges NZ$32 for)
  • The quality is… Top notch. I’ve seriously reigned in extending my MAC eyeshadow collection: There’s no point – Makeup Geek shadows are every bit as good.
  • They shop to NZ and their shipping is well priced. This lot cost US$11.82 in postage and it took less than a week to wing it’s way to NZ. 
makeup geek peach smoothie and creme brulee
 I’ve used both of these eyeshadows nearly every day since my order arrived.  You can buy Makeup Geek eyeshadows in little compacts, but I prefer to buy the cheaper ones that are in the pan – and I pop them into a Z Palette (keep reading, this’ll make sense in a minute!).

Peach Smoothie: This is a light peach/beige color has a soft matte finish. This makes it perfect for blending out harsh shades or wearing on the lower half of your eyelid to create a stunning neutral look.

Creme Brulee:  This is a medium sand colour, also a matte finish. Like Peach Smoothie this is also perfect for blending out harsh lines in the crease. This is a perfect eyeshadow to perfect a brown smokey eye, or used to blend out harsh lines. This is an excellent dupe for MAC’s Soft Brown eyeshadow.

Soft Dome Brush: This is the best blending brush I have in my makeup collection. I ran a makeup workshop recently and everyone wanted this brush! This is perfect for blending out eyeshadow in the crease. It’s a synthetic brush, so it’s cruelty free and it’s super soft – no sign of scratchiness. A big winner, especially at US$7.99. I’ve washed this several times since I’ve got it and I’m pleased to report there has been no shedding of hair.

Pencil Brush: I used to love my MAC 219  pencil brush for blending out eyeshadow under the lower lashline.  At NZ$65 I figured MAC’s offering was the best of the best pencil brushes. Nup. Makeup Geek’s US$7.99 offering blows the MAC 219 out of the water and I haven’t used my 219 since I got this. Grrrr.  This brush, that has a tiny width, acts like a pencil for your makeup, you use it to draw precise lines on the lid, or along the  lashline. The fibres are incredibly soft and again, this is cruelty free.  Another winner. 

Enchanted Loose Pigment: Pigments are loose eyeshadows, they just aren’t pressed into a pan and you use them in the same way as a normal eyeshadow. I’ve heard lots of good things about Makeup Geek’s pigments and curiosity got the better of me.  I choose Enchanted, a shimmery light plum shade figuring it would suit any skin tone and eye colour. I was right: Brown, green or blue eyed girls: Go hard. Check out the swatch! I swatched one dry and one wet (I sprayed the brush with MAC Prep & Prime Fix + – Applying the pigment wet creates a much more intense finish). My only gripe is, holy cow, these make a mess: I’ve learnt to pop a tissue down on the bathroom top before I get down to work. Great value nonetheless at US$6.99. I’m now eyeing up some other options, again, this pigment is as good as my MAC pigments (I’m starting to sound like a broken record…)

Makeup geek enchanted pigment
Enchanted loose pigment: Gorgeous.
The photo doesn't do this pigment justice! It's much more pink in real life.
The photo doesn’t do this pigment justice! It’s much more pink in real life. The swatch on the left is dry, the one on the right was applied wet (I sprayed a brush with MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix +)

Small Z-Palette:   Z Palettes are empty palettes that you can use to store eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lipsticks that are ‘in the pan’.  I have a large one that stores all my Makeup Geek eyeshadows but I wanted a smaller one for travelling. It’s a great space saver!  All Makeup Geek eyeshadows have a magnetised pan so they adhere to the magnetic base of the Z Palette. The lid is made of a hard, see-through plastic. Blinking GENIUS. Here it is here filled up with my favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows (and one rogue Inglot eyeshadow).

Makeup Geek z palette
Eyeshadows from left starting with the top row: Bling, Vanilla Bean, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Bada Bing, Latte, Inglot 402 (a dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe), Brown Sugar.

To finish up here’s an eyeshadow look I did using Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee and Enchanted. I love how this turned out. So did my husband: I earned myself a wolf whistle!

What I did: Applied Peach Smoothie in the crease and blended it up high towards my brow bone. Then I applied Creme Brulee in the crease and did lots of blending. Then I applied Enchanted on the lid, then I went back in with Creme Brulee and blended the point in my crease where Enchanted finished. Lastly I applied some black eyeliner along my upper lash line and lots of mascara.
What I did: Applied Peach Smoothie in the crease and blended it up high towards my brow bone. Then I applied Creme Brulee in the crease and did lots of blending (used the Soft Dome Brush for both steps). Then I applied Enchanted on the lid, then I went back in with Creme Brulee and blended the edge of Enchanted in the crease).  I also used the Pencil Brush to apply Enchanted along my lower lash line.  Lastly I applied some black eyeliner along my upper lash line and lots of mascara!

All in all, I am rapt with this mini makeup haul and Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee are, in my opinion, ‘must haves’ for any eyeshadow loving girl.  Makeup Geek will be benefit from getting my beauty buck again.  Great stuff.