Your comfort zone is a beautiful placeWhen it comes to lipstick I’m so stuck in my comfort zone, it’s ridiculous. I am a massive fan of a bold smokey eye and a nude lip. So much so that, even though I own more bold lipsticks than I care to admit, I’m constantly rocking variations of the same thing, day in, day out: Bold eyes and, more often than not MAC’s Syrup lipstick (which is the same colour as my lips, but better). Anyway, off the back of hearing a quote which really struck a chord with me recently (“your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”)  I decided not to get too deep and meaningful on it, rather just have a have a sweep out of some cobwebs and revisit my boring lipstick ways. Start small girls, start small.

Maybelline colour drama lip crayon reviewEnter a trip to Taupo with an hour to kill whilst my hubby was at the accountant recently. I figured there was no better place to invest an hour than at Farmers, aimlessly browsing the beauty aisles.  Yes, it’s true. I didn’t even get as far as the clothing or accessories: In the beauty aisle I stayed.  I must say, I found it very hard not to tap into my former retail/customer service and sales training background and serve overwhelmed beauty customers. Anyway, I digress (just for a change).  There I am at Maybelline stand when… Shock! What’s this? Jumbo lip crayons in an array of pretty colours? When did these get released?  A while ago it seems (early 2015). Clearly I’ve been living under a rock. I wasn’t impressed: Usually I pride myself for being bang on with beauty trends. Sniff.

I’m mortified to admit that it took at least ten minutes of indecision to choose from the rather limited selection of scrummy colours. I tossed and turned between two bold colours ‘Pink so Chic’ (which isn’t really pink at all, rather a deep plum) and ‘Berry Much’ (a deep berry colour). At a very affordable price point of $11.99 I don’t know why I mucked about: These lip crayons are so bloody good, I should have snapped a couple of ’em (at least). Finally I settled on ‘Pink so Chic’ and I’m LOVING it and it hasn’t left the makeup bag that resides nearby in my handbag (as opposed to the makeup bag in the top draw of my bathroom, or the makeup bag that’s on top of my makeup trolley, or my professional makeup kit, oh, or the emergency makeup stash in the car…)

Maybelline colour drama lip crayon review
Maybelline Colour Lip Drama in the colour ‘Pink So Chic’

 A rummage around on Google tells me that, actually, these lippies experienced a massive hype overseas – and I can see why:

  • The price is tip top, especially in a country where even ‘drugstore’ lipsticks are the cost of a decent (albeit non-alcoholic) lunch out with a mate.
  • Great colour pigmentation – it packs a tonne of punch and it;s long lasting (I get about two hours of colour before I get fading, so long as I’m not scoffing my face or kissing) 
  • You don’t need a lipstick and a liner: It’s a two trick pony.
  • There’s a heap of pretty colours, so there’s something for everyone.

Now as a nearly ‘forty-something’ – I’m also rapt that, at least, the colour I got (Pink so Chic) doesn’t bleed into the fine lines that have seemingly sprung up around my lips (is anyone else getting the same problem? It does my head in).  Note: I can’t vouch for the other colours, but I reckon they’ll be non-bleeders.

A couple of things worth pointing out:

  • The colour Pink So Chic ain’t pink – it’s a deep plum.  If I had to think of a MAC lipstick that’d be in  kind of in the same family I’d say MAC’s Rebel. lipstick. I reckon Pink So Chic It’s the perfect bold autumnal and winter lip colour (on someone of my colouring at least! I also reckon it would look positively cracking on red heads and next time I see my friend Jacky, she’s gonna cop it).
  • These lip crayons have a velvet finish, so, apparently, they should be quite matte. I found Pink So Chic isn’t super matte, but it’s got no sparkle or disco ball effect either).
  • On a slightly sour note, they are a tad drying – which can be smartly circumvented by applying a teeny bit of lip balm first. Not a drama. 
  • You’ll need to invest in a jumbo pencil sharpener – The Body Shop do a good one and you’ll be likely to find one at a Manicare or QVS stand. Think ‘jumbo’  sharpener girls, not regular size.
  • It could be worth mentioning you’ll lose a fair bit of length off the crayon when you get in sharpening mode – and these pencils aren’t particularly long in length.
  • For best results, apply around the lip line first, then start colouring in. If you don’t want the colour to be too intense (assuming you’ve gone bold on the colour) simply gently blot at your lips with your finger to mute the colour a smidgen. 

Maybelline colour drama lip crayon reviewLastly makeup geeks that love high end products might be interested to know that these lipsticks are widely reported to be dupes for NARS Matte Lip Pencils. I haven’t tried these and, therefore, can’t express an opinion either way. However, what I do know is that Maybelline’s cheap and super cheerful lip crayon offering makes me so happy I don’t reckon I’ll be venturing off to a NARS stand soon with my credit card. I love it when that happens.

So, take that, lipstick comfort zone. I’m off to Farmers again soon to pick out another colour. I’m thinking Fab Orange could have my name on it.

Check out the range of colours here on Maybelline NZ’s website, or better still, pop into Farmers* and do a Lou: Have a happy play creating colourful swatches up your arm. 

*I’m not sponsored and have no affiliation with Farmers. Their beauty department just makes me very, very, happy.