SAMSUNG CSCHave you heard about Moreish? Nope, it’s not just when you eat something yummy and you must have to have more of it. Moreish is an all natural Kiwi skincare brand, made with argan oil and botanical extracts. The lovely ladies at Moreish made my day when they sent me a bunch of their products to review (and I was the envy of the office). I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my morning and evening beauty routine for the last month since these goodies arrived.

Argan oil has been touted for the last few years as a beauty ‘wonder product’ and is renowned for its nourishing, regenerative and anti-aging properties (I’d like to soak in a vat of it for a week). All of Moreish’s products contain this and New Zealand plant extracts which are also proven for their skin-enhancing benefits. In short, the Moreish range contains no nasties, is cruelty free and supports fair trade practices (thus, it’s guilty conscience free).

I love the packaging. I can’t bring myself to through it away?

First up, I need to say I’m always nervous when I try out new facial skincare products. My skin is oily and temperamental and I’m prone to breakouts. Last time I tried out a new night cream I had mini Mt Cooks erupt all over my face (I won’t mention the brand, but I’ll hint: It was from an internationally renowned Kiwi natural skincare brand!). About three months ago I overhauled my skincare regime in an attempt to get breakouts and oiliness under control and my skin was the best it’s been in years. Good news: Moreish didn’t undo my hard work: I’ve been using Moreish day and night for three weeks. The result? No pimples, less oil on my face, just soft skin that feels and looks great.

Moreish sent me: Argan Oil, Body Oil, Body Lotion, Night Cream, Eye Cream and Day Cream Light. Here’s my run down:

Night cream: I was surprised my oily skin gave this product the thumbs up as it’s for normal to dry skin. I’d initially dismissed it as ‘probably too heavy for my skin’. Hardly: My skin basks overnight in a bloody good moisturise. I’ll be purchasing this when it runs out, it’s better than what I was using. Hot hubby also gives it the thumbs up!
Body Oil: Smells glorious, in addition to Argan Oil it contains gotu kola (say what?) and grapeseed. I smother myself EVERYWHERE morning and night in a mix of the body oil and the body lotion. My only niggle is that the fragrance is delicate and it doesn’t last all day (I’d love it to!).
Body lotion: For all skin types this contains cocoa butter, anti-aging ingredients and pohutukawa extracts. It’s lightweight and non greasy that left my skin soft and smelling amazing. I’ve been using this morning and night mixed in to the body oil, my skin thinks it’s Christmas. The first time I used this was before bed. I loved the smell so much I had another shower in the morning just so I could use it again..
Argan Oil: Oh, I do love a versatile product and this is just that: I’ve been rubbing this all over my décolletage morning and night, massaging it into my cuticles at bedtime and putting it on the ends of my hair to control flyaways. My little boy had a very dry face a few weeks back following a cold – this fixed that overnight.
Eye Cream: In addition to argan oil this contains wheatgerm oil and carrot seed. Whilst definitely hydrating and nourishing this eye cream for normal to dry skin isn’t as intensive as the ‘McDaddy’ eye cream I usually use.  I blame genetics for needing industrial stuff in the first place. I’d definitely recommend this for someone younger than me (cough) who is new to eye cream and wanting to get into prevention (rather than ‘cure’ – like me). I so wish I’d been using this when I’d hit my teens!
Day Cream Light: I’ve saved the best for last: Big ups to this product, I love it. For oily skin this day cream contains jojoba, avocado and argan oil. It does a splendid job of hydrating and calming my temperamental skin and is the perfect base for makeup. With my oily skin I’m often frustrated by new moisturisers that are too heavy and I end up looking like an oil slick. This product is a right little trooper – it’s got great mattifying properties and I reckon my foundation has been lasting longer during the day since using this. I’m definitely purchasing this when it runs out.

All in all, Moreish is a range I definitely give the thumbs up – and I want more. Actually – I got more, I went and bought their lip balm (a blend of almond oil, shea butter and argan oil and it rocks) and I’ve got my eye on their Body Butter.  Lastly, it’s really nice to see a brand that gives back: 50 cents from each pack of Moreish is donated to a New Zealand charity that supports women, children, families and communities. Nice.

With Christmas coming up, Moreish would make a lovely gift, offering a touch of NZ to send to a loved one overseas. I can think of a few ex-pat Kiwis who would enjoy this…

Thank you Moreish for sending this to me!  xxx

Where to buy Moreish? Visit your local Amcal, Radius, Life, or Unichem chemist.  Good news, Unichem currently has 20% off the whole Moreish range until the end of October (and there’s a few items that come with a gift with purchase – get in quick).  You can also buy it online at Health Post. Check out the Moreish website:
Price Point – the range is between $13 (lip balm) through to $35 (eye cream, argan oil, day cream).