So, it’s Farmers Beauty Week. Here’s the pic I posted on Facebook with my bag of goodies, alongside a caption that said “Who wants to see what I got?” I’m such a tease. #sorrynotsorry.

Farmers Beauty Week

In case you missed the memo, it’s Farmers Beauty Week (here in NZ, this post will be utterly uninteresting if you aren’t on NZ shores). I got some super awesome beauty scores last year, so I was excited to get my bum in there this week. In my experience, it’s worth holding out for. 

There were a few things that I ‘needed’, cough, alright, wanted, so I was already semi-armed with ideas. Which is good, because I’m notoriously indecisive, which is one of my more frustrating personality traits (I prefer the option to buy, rather than having bought, because, like, what happens if a better option comes along, and you’ve already bought? You’ve closed your options off, that’s what happens! So I prefer browsing). Anyway, as usual I digress.

Here’s what I got for the rather non-pricely sum of NZ$65*. Yes, you read that right. The Trilogy Night Cream on it’s own is $65.  I tell ya: Farmers’ Beauty Week. Get in. (Do I need to mention this is non-sponsored? I have no affiliation with Farmers, I paid for this stuff myself).

Farmers Beauty Week

Everything Balm – Trilogy

I’ve used and loved this before. It wasn’t my own Everything Balm, I hasten to add. When I worked in Hastings my colleague Katie had it on her desk. I used to, um, help myself. It was Team Balm. This is one of those genius products that you can, allegedly, use”everywhere”.  It soothes dry, chapped skin, softens and moisturises, it is good on cuticles, use it as a massage oil, it’s probably good for bums (i.e. for nappy rash – I don’t have a baby in nappies, thank God, so I won’t get to try this out first hand… I don’t like babies… Yes, shocking to admit this. I do love toddlers though).  Anyway, I got two of these, one big tub, one little tin, because I want one in the bathroom and one in my handbag, so I’m a ready citizen in all eventualities.

I’m excited about this product as I’ve got horrifically chapped lips at the moment thanks to a revolting combo of wind and sunburn, earned from boating on the lake last weekend (and a mild touch of vertigo thanks to the ski biscuit. Grrr).  This will sort my lips out – and, for those of you who gave me grief a few weeks back for using Lucas Paw Paw cream on my lips, I’ll have you know I’ll cease using that: STAT and start using this instead.

Guess what? It’s got Bio Grow organic certification. Awesome.

Price: Big one (45ml) was $27.99 and the small one was $9.00.

Trilogy Age-Proof Night Cream

I’ve used this Trilogy night cream before and loved it (there’s a theme emerging) and actually I needed it: My Essano Night Cream is two scoops away from going in the Empties Bag (one day I’ll get around to doing an empties blog post).

This night cream is also certified organic. YAY.  This is highly moisturising, helps plump up skin and plays a role in my (never-ending) quest to smooth out fine lines. It’s packed full of nourishing oils (marula and olive), along with essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6, CoQ10 – whatever they do… .This detail is getting a bit much for me).  I apply this to my face, neck and decolletage right at the end of my evening routine.

Price: This was FREE. Cost nothing. Nichts. Niente. GWP! (Gift with purchase) because I bought two Trilogy Products (x2 Everything Balms). I’m rapt. This is usually $65.  

Break-up Makeup Balm – Goodness Natural Beauty Lab

Sarah, blog follower legend, recommended I give this a blast. I jumped on the Google and couldn’t find too many reviews… So I thought I’d take one for team. Standby for my thoughts! Idea: Shall I do a quick first impressions video (it’ll be filmed on my phone, don’t get too excited, I’m not that flash).   Fingers crossed this’ll be a good alternative to coconut oil as a pre-cleanser to take My Face off. I have nothing against coconut oil, in fact, I feel like I’m sleeping around on Tanna Farms just writing this. Simply, I just thought I’d give something new a go!

Note,  This balm isn’t certified organic, just in case anyone was wondering…  Here’s the ingredients list and the product bio/spiel.  I’m learning about ingredients, slowly, as I meander down my World Organics journey. There doesn’t look like there’s any baddies in here, but I’m sure someone will let me know if there are!

Price: Usually $19.99 – But I got this for free as I bought 2 products and got a third for free! Whoop!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

So, breaking away entirely from the ‘plant-based’ trend, here’s a ‘contains no goodies whatsoever’ mascara. I can’t even pronounce the ingredients (or read them as the font is too small: Poor form). Look, when I think I’ve found a mascara that’s organic and delivers full-noise, dramatic lashes that a drag queen would be proud of, I’ll let you know. Until then, I’m sticking with mascaras I know give me what I want. So there. On me, at least, I don’t ‘do’ natural looking lashes. Gosh. I sound defensive.

So far, I haven’t heard anything about this mascara, probably as it’s new to the market. Alas, I have high hopes as Maybelline (along with Essence) is the king of ‘cheapish’ mascaras).   I already have Maybelline’s original Lash Sensational mascara and I love it, more so now it’s a bit older –  The formula was too wet when it was new.  I’m keen to try their so-called ‘new and improved’ version and I like the look of the mascara brush that promises to fan out eyelashes.

Note, as usual, I got the waterproof formula, not because I’m a cry-baby, I’ll have you know. No, it’s because I’m an eyelash curling fanatic and waterproof mascara holds the curl (normal mascara does not).  I’ll report  back on my findings. I have high hopes, apart from the colour, as usually, I go for ‘Blackest Black’ i.e. the darkest colour. However, the only waterproof mascara was in the colour ‘Very Black’.  Am I overthinking it?

Price: NZ$26.99

Total sum of this trip to Farmers’ Beauty Week? Bargain: NZ$64.97*  That’s because Trilogy had a GWP on: Buy two products, get the Night Cream for free (which retails for $65). Next, there was a wider deal on as part of Beauty Week: Buy two items and get a third free. This is a ‘Mix & Match’ kind of deal across a huge range of beauty brands. In my case, I got the Goodness Break-up Make-up Balm (usually $19.99) for free.

Farmers Beauty Week ends 19/03/17.  Knock yourselves out. Send me a pic of what you got (tag me in Instagram, I’m @louthebeautyfoodie, or post on my Facebook page!). I love seeing what you buy!

*Anyone from the USA will be reading this and think I’ve gone batshit crazy thinking this is a bargain! Note: we pay a premium for products in NZ. Stink for us. Lucky we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Luckily, also, Farmers has Beauty Week…

The Lake up the Road. It’s pretty. #laketarawera