toofacedshadowinsurance_1_gmIn the eyeshadow primer stakes, I reckon if Urban Decay is the big MacDaddy of eyeshadow primers, this would come in at second place as the McMummy version.  This silicone-based product has all the same features and benefits as Urban Decay’s, however a downside for me with my super oily lids is that I find my eyeshadow starts to fade after 8 hours (which is probably fine for normal people!).That said, I real ‘up’ for Too-faced Shadow Insurance over the Urban Decay’s is the application. It applies much smoother and blends out much easier to an invisible finish. I noticed this leaves a pretty sheen behind so I’ve worn this on its own with no eyeshadow. This makes for an easy natural look when paired up with eyeliner smudge along the lashline.  Pretty and fast: Nice!

So I’ll give it four and a half stars (heck, it’s my blog, I can do half star ratings).

What colours can I get? This comes in four different (neutral) colours, so, again, you can get a primer that’ll double up as a shadow as well (I can only vouch for ‘original’).

How to apply: My friend, the finger is good, or use a brush for optimal blending (especially if you aren’t putting a shadow on top).

Cost?  Same price point as UDPP, approx US$20 for 11g of product.
Where to buy? For international shoppers, bolt over to Beauty Bay (free shipping!)