My faves

I’m often asked which products I can’t live without. That’s actually quite easy!  To pick just one of these though – now that would be tough impossible! Here’s my favourite five makeup essentials, products I’d never want to be without! …

  • Eyelash Curler –  I can imagine my epitaph right now ‘she was totally obsessed with her eyelashes’…   I purchased my first eyelash curler when I was 12 years old and I’ve curled my lashes every day since then.  Let me explain… My eyelashes are super straight, e.g. If I don’t curl them they hang straight down like a cow’s eyelashes and you can’t even really tell I’ve got any, which is a damn shame as I’m blessed with super long eyelashes! I wave my fists in unfairness at my son’s lashes: His are so curled they touch his eyebrows.  Anyhow,  I’m currently using a no-brand curler I got from the $2 shop (!) with Revlon eyelash curler pads inserted (seems to be a good combo).  I’m dying to get the highly acclaimed eyelash curler by Shu Uemura. This is on my wish list of things to buy in Singapore in a few weeks… Surprise, surprise, you can’t buy this brand in NZ.  That said, I’m seriously considering getting my eyelashes ‘lifted’ a newish technique, similar to eyelash perming….
  • The Falsie’s Mascara by Maybelline: This was a close finish, almost a tie between Falsies and Colossal, also by Maybelline.  Maybelline make fantastic mascaras and in my opinion, their mascaras rival many high end mascaras that retail for three times the price. I used to be a lover of Diorshow by Dior, but I reckon the Falsie’s is BETTER.  I only use waterproof mascara because I devotedly curl my eyelashes every morning and waterproof mascara lovingly holds my last curl in place all day.  This product is widely available from supermarkets (I buy mine from New World!), department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets and retails for NZ$20.
  • Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – I’d never be without this, I’m on my third tube right now, having only discovered this nine months ago!  It’s a unique blend of lip gloss and lip balm and comes in three colours, all of which are soft muted natural tones.  As the product name suggests it adds light to the lips, without being a full-on gloss shine. It’s a versatile product and works well to accompany  a day appropriate look, or for evening along with a dramatic smokey eye. I love wearing it on top of a bright lipstick to tone it down slightly and add a lovely soft finish.  I use colour 01, which is the pink colour.
  • Inglot Face blusher in #28 – I got this in Melbourne last year and I’m starting to panic: I’ve hit pan and Inglot doesn’t ship products to NZ. This blush is a gorgeous pinky/coral colour and it’s perfect for my skin tone. Best of all it’s got great colour pay-off and blends like a dream. I’ve bought many dupes (duplicates) for this but I am yet to find the perfect replacement. At this rate I probably should save my time, effort and money and just book a return trip to Melbourne to get a new one and be done with it!
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion – I’ve already raved about this in a previous posting (read that here). My lids are so oily I simply can’t wear eyeshadow without applying a primer. I’ve tried quite a few primers, this one is the dogs bollocks. Good luck to the Sales Assistant who tries to talk me into trying out a new primer… I’m entrenched.

What essentials can you not live without? And has anyone had their eyelashes lifted? Thoughts? x