world organics makeup reviewThey say don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, I blatantly did that when I was offered the opportunity to review two items from World Organics makeup range (which is called The Organic Skin Company).  Can we just talk about the bamboo packaging for a second? Perfect and gorgeous. I haven’t seen packaging this cool for a while.  Yes please, World Organics, thanks for asking, I’ll try a few things: Your packaging is The Bomb.

Backtracking a little, I’d stumbled across some images of products from World Organics on Facebook, but I hadn’t ventured as far as checking any products out.  Why? To be honest, there so many makeup and skincare products popping up now it’s hard to try everything. Sadly, my wallet is not bottom-less.  Anyway, when Maryanne Gilles contacted me and introduced herself: Makeup Artist and World Organics Consultant, she piqued my interest. I sensed (and hoped) that as a makeup artist, she’d be using products that worked.  Bingo. During our correspondence Maryanne relayed to me that, as a make up artist  (and a beauty therapist) she wishes World Organics had been around earlier in her career.  Also, I was interested to learn Maryanne only uses World Organics makeup on her clients. 

While I waited a couple of days for the products to arrive,  I did some research. I’m a geek like that! Who was behind this company? Where were they from? What’s the guts?  First up, World Organic is a Kiwi Company, founded by  New Zealander, Megan Douglas. Megan, among other jobs (like model and fashion designer) is also a qualified herbalist. Megan used her background and expertise to  create her own organic skincare company.  There’s a few different range, including skincare, that come under the overall brand, check them out here. 

This leads me to the first (of several) things that I really like about World Organics (packaging aside).   As well as being a Kiwi company, all the products are natural and organic. This is very much ‘on trend’ right now and I’m increasingly using more and more products on my skin that are naturally derived.  Despite the fine lines that continue to grow, I have to say: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my skin. So, simply, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, which is continuing to embrace an arsenal of natural products: They are working for me (noting I’m reasonably well researched about what I use).

The second thing I like about the World Organics range (both skincare and makeup) is the price point. There’s a few other products popping up at the moment that are contributing to my frown lines… I just can’t afford the price they are commanding.    By contrast, World Organics prices fit into my budget. What’s the pricing deets? The primer I received is NZ$55. The concealer is NZ$35. This pricing sits comfortably on the spectrum of ‘dosh I will spend on beauty products”.

Let’s talk specifics. Maryanne very kindly sent me a couple of full-sized products to road test.  I got a Purely Primer and a concealer.  In the interests of writing a well-rounded blog post, I loaned both products to my mate Portia to also ‘play with’. Portia has normal skin) and thus, in conjunction with my oily skin,  I figured between Porsh and I we’d make shit-hot guinea pigs.  Here’s our thoughts.

world organics makeup review
The products, fresh out of the post

Purely Primer

I received the foundation primer in the colour Rose Gold (there’s another one in the range, a paler colour, see here). This primer is a botanically rich, mineral-based primer that it creamy and texture and has light rosy gold hues. It promises to hydrate, minimise shine, and create a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. It contains 78.15% all organic ingredients and 99.6% natural ingredients.  Size wise, it’s a 50ml tube.  As a guinea pig:  I’ve worn this primer solidly for three weeks, which I reckon is a decent time frame to (reliably) comment on product effectiveness. 

As an oily skinned lass, I’m a tough cookie to impress when road testing primer. To cut to the chase though, the news is all good:  This primer is ‘up there’ as one of the more effective primers I’ve tried in terms of bringing longevity of wear to my base (foundation, bronzer and blush).   I love the Rosy Gold hue too. Whilst it doesn’t add colour to the face, it does offer a bit of a brightening effect.  

On another vein, I also like how the cream finish doesn’t affect the look of my foundation. This is quite a contrast to silicone-based primers.  In explanation, have you noticed how silicone-based primers, because they fill in pores and fine lines, often make your foundation look fuller in coverage?  Whilst I like primers that act as a bit of pollyfiller (to be honest, I need it!), some days I want a natural, sheer base.  This Purely Primer achieves that.    Note, I only wear cream or liquid foundation, I am not a fan of powder nor mineral foundations as, simply, I’m yet to find one that works for me.

What did Portia reckon? Well, she made a fab guinea pig.  Because, you see, Portia is Primer Obsessed (“where have I been Lou? Primer!” she says, LOL!). Good news,  she enjoyed this too and it ticked the ‘make the foundation last longer’ test.  Porsh also reported back that she also ended up wearing the primer on its own on no makeup days’: She genuinely liked the finish and the overall smoothing effect.

world organics makeup review
Purely Primer in the colour Rose Gold

Cream Concealer

The concealer Soft Honey (found here) is described as being suitable for light to medium skin tones.  The marketing spiel says it is formulated to enhance and create a healthier looking skin.  It should hydrate the skin whilst minimising the appearance of pores and redness. The concealer is made with 23.31% Organic Ingredients and 100% Natural Ingredients.

The colour Soft Honey, is pretty much bang on, noting I’d need a slightly darker colour in summer.  So, to chuck my two cents in, I reckon Soft Honey is better suited to ‘lighties’ as opposed to ‘Medium darkies’. Update from December 16: I’ve since bought the concealer in the colour caramel which is the perfect colour for me in summer.

Pedantic thoughts on colour aside, my thoughts is that the concealer’s coverage is PHENOMENAL.  I conceal every day on my zit scars (I was a picker and squeezer back in the day). I also conceal around my nose as I get a bit red here. The finish of this concealer completely eliminates all ‘skin issues’. I’m left with a  blank canvas.  Whoop! Laters zit scars! Laters redness!  

Do I sound surprised? Actually, I am.  Why? That’s because at quick glance and quick ‘stick your finger in and have a go’, this concealer is thick, like tar and super sticky.  Like I said earlier though, don’t judge a book by its cover: This stuff blends out beautifully, noting I don’t use my finger (as per the website instructions), I use a blending brush. I have oily skin, I’m not going to use my fingers to blend out anything: I’ll be adding more oil to my face: No thanks.  That said, I wouldn’t recommend this concealer for dry skin, I feel like you’d want want something a tad more moisturising.

Now here’s the interesting thing about this concealer. Usually, I recommend two different concealers in your makeup kit. A thick one for coverage and a second, creamy one for under eye concealing. It’s hard to find a concealer that does both. Well, guess what? World Organics Concealer does BOTH coverage and under eye concealing. Whoop.  This surprises me immensely because, as a 40-something, I’ve got a shit-tonne of fine lines around my eyes. Thick concealers (like MAC Prolong wear are usually no good under my eyes, I need something more moisturising).  World Organics’s concealer is the thickest concealer I own, but: Bugger me, it works like a dream under the eyes, it doesn’t enhance my wrinkles like thick concealers. Very impressed! 

Last musings from me: Going back to to the price of this concealer, $35 is seriously impressive. Portia and I have, between us, used this concealer for nearly three weeks, there’s barely a dent made in it. It’s going to last AGES.

What were Portia’s ponderings? Like me, Porsh was impressed at the coverage of this concealer and, overall gives it the thumbs up.  Porsh did also note this is “no good for the under eye area, it’s too thick” (and she’s not even as old and crusty as me!).

Executive Summary

So there, we have it. Thumbs up from both Porsh and I for these products from World Organics.  Thank you so much Maryanne for sending these to me 🙂  Can I just add, that periodically ponder getting on the bandwagon of selling a range of skincare or makeup. I’m not going to (too much on my plate and I don’t like the thought of just offering one product range). But if I did go down that route: I’d definitely consider selling World Organics.  Given (the little) that I’ve seen: I think it’s a brand to watch. Update December 16: I’m now a World Organics consultant – their products are so fantastic, I changed my mind, LOL! Click here for my store! 

Where to Buy

Click here to go through to Maryanne Gilles online store.   This range is sold online.

My Wish List

Certainly for me, being the makeup geek that I am, I’ve been so impressed with my test drive of the primer and the concealer, that I’ve been left wanting more from World Organics.  On my wish list is this eyeshadow palette in the colour ‘Mink Pink’ and this cream blush in the colour ‘Tulip’ at ‘some stage’ – they’ve both passed the ‘Two Week Want Test’ (LOL).  Good cream blushes, at an affordable price, are hard to find (in Rotorua!). This is NZ$35.   As for the eyeshadow palette, the colours are calling me and I’m yet to try mineral-based eyeshadows, so that’ll be good for future Guinea Pig duties.

world organics makeup review
Cream blush in the colour ‘Tulip’
world organics makeup review
Eyeshadow palette in the colour ‘Mink Pink’