Youngblood is a cosmetics range that, up until a couple of months ago, I’d never heard of until my hairdressers, Hair@88 in Havelock North, launched the brand in their salon. I was rapt to get invited to their launch party! Having now spent time playing with the products and reading online reviews, I’m wondering where the heck I’ve been: This brand is a) Well known and, b) It gets rave reviews!  By the way I’ve  learnt that you don’t have to be young to wear this brand, thank goodness (I definitely don’t qualify as young anymore).

imageYoungblood hails from the US and was originally developed for use in a medical setting to help patients’ skin heal after surgery.  There’s a good sign that the products have no nasties in it and, in fact, all their products are formulated with 100% pure minerals.  The range is free of all the usual suspects you often find in a makeup range, mineral oil, talc, petroleum making it a great option if you have troublesome skin or allergies.  The whole range is fragrance free too.

imageI got three items, a lipstick in the colour ‘Coral Beach’. It’s gorgeous and it’s becoming a firm favourite. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see it’s regularly featured in my SOTD pics (Selfie of the Day). The colours are highly pigmented and have great staying power. I’m getting another lippy in the colour ‘Vixen’ tomorrow (I’m so excited!). This is a vibrant and sexy red that will, undoubtedly, result in Hot Husband jacking up a babysitter so he can wine and dine me at a top notch restaurant for dinner.

I digress. I also got the gel eyeliner in black – I love this too: It glides on, lasts all day. Doesn’t smudge. It’s way better than the Maybelline one I was using, that’s gone straight in the bin!

I also won the spot prize of the night, Youngblood’s Mineral Foundation Primer.   Talk about saving the best for last. The. Best. Primer. I’ve. Used. Ever.  I’ve worn it every day since I got it, I’m getting much more wear out of my foundation (liquid and mineral) and BB cream.

I’m looking forward to trying more of the range, namely the eyeshadows – there is a tonne of gorgeous colours. I also have my eye on some mineral foundation, but, seeing I own at least 11 foundations already, I’ve decided, uncharacteristically, to exercise some self restraint, vowing to use up what I’ve already got before I buy anymore!

Price point of Youngblood, it’s a luxury brand and it’s priced alongside MAC, Nars etc. Expect to pay expect to pay around NZ$40 for a lipstick, NZ$95 for a foundation.  The gel eyeliner is great value at $49.  All up, Youngblood is more of a range I’d buy as a special treat, rather than a brand I’d turn too if I was out wandering around looking for a new lippy. But based on what I’ve seen, it’s left me wanting MORE!

Where to buy?  Available from selected hair salons around NZ (and the rest of the world!). If you are in  Hawke’s Bay, go and check out the lovely ladies at Hair@88 on Te Mata Road in Havelock North (no I’m not on commission, I just love them).

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