Caroline Hirons: Cutting through the skincare crap

Caroline (aka The Beautymouth)

During a mindless You Tube surf last winter, I chanced upon a video that I’ve now watched countless times. Caroline Hirons, UK beauty and skincare expert was interviewed by Pixiwoo, who are, incidentally, my all-time favourite makeup artists. That interview with Caroline, followed by hours and hours of research on her blog (and a bit of shopping at places like KollectionK) has had a profound effect on my beauty regime. Lots of people out there give beauty advice… I swear by Caroline’s and I now ignore everyone else’s views! So, here’s a post dedicated to Caroline’s frank and cut-through-the-crap words of wisdom on skincare which completely changed my thinking. I share this in the hope that you’ll stumble on a golden nugget in here that will help your skin too!

My favourite things – January

Here’s my beauty and foodie favourites from January… There’s a few!

rimmel nudeimageRimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Nude EyelinerEek, what’s with the long product names? My super thoughtful friend lovely Caron sent me this from Aussie after reading my whinge in a blog post that Rimmel doesn’t sell this eyeliner shade in NZ (Kiwis:  But we can get it online). I know what you are thinking… “Why the heck do you use a nude eyeliner for??”  To wake up tired eyes, that’s why! You know when you are tired and the rims of your eyes go red?  Well, run a nude colour eyeliner on the waterline (i.e. your inner eye rim) and you are sorted: The red is neutralised back to ‘flesh colour’.   Because this pencil is waterproof it will last a lot longer on that part of your eye (‘coz it’s slightly damp). Genius. You can, incidentally, use a white eyeliner, but a nude shade is so much more natural looking.  Rimmel NZ: Please start stocking this shade!  Here’s a photo of me (right) wearing this eyeliner on my waterline.
Price: NZ$9 (from ASOS with free postage)


You really should get that line seen to…

Avon Clinical Anew Line Corrector Hydrating Cream with A-F333 blog reviewAbout three years ago a wonderful friend (who shall remain nameless) and I were bitching and moaning about the perils of aging, including the overnight onset of wrinkles. Not to be outdone by her whinging about her wrinkles I pointed to the crease running across the center of my forehead. “Oooooh yes”, she said, peering closer. “You really should get that seen to!”. Ouch! Now I’ve got to be honest, I did contact Jarrod Little to see what options I had when it came to wrinkle removal cosmetic procedures, but I just don’t have the courage to fight the stigma attached to such things. I wish I did because I’m sure I’d look much better for it and wouldn’t have to keep dealing with rude comments like those, but I guess that serves me right for pointing it out in the first place! We will all age and there isn’t much that can be done about it. Saying that though, there are clinics like the victorian cosmetic institute that offer treatments that could help reduce the signs of aging and improve the appearance of deep-set wrinkles.

Where some people may decide to get botox to tighten the skin, others may stick to using skincare products to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With that being said, if this is something that you can relate to, it may be worth it to click here to take a look at some skincare products that could help with this concern. When it comes to skincare, it is hit or miss. Even if something works for one person, doesn’t mean it has the same effect for everyone else. But you don’t know if you don’t try.


Su (Makeover using the Naked Palette)

naked palette tutorialMeet Su. New Mum of one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve seen in a long time, talented marketing whizz kid (she designed my Beauty Foodie logo) and a great friend.

I wanted to do a look using the pinky/purple hues from my new Naked palette and Su, with her gorgeous blue eyes was the perfect model to showcase the colours (oh heck, and blue eyes makes a nice change from seeing my brown eyes  all the time, right?)


DIY Body Scrub – Great gift idea!

SAMSUNG CSCLooking for some last minute Christmas presents?  Not feeling brave enough to join the crowds and hit the shops? Or maybe your wallet is crying out ‘no more!’ Look no further than a super easy DIY body scrub! It’s bodylicious…. If you like scrubs from Lush, you’ll love these and they are a smidgen of the price! (more…)