SAMSUNG CSCYou know how I bang on about doing your eyebrows all the time? And you know how I love finding new budget friendly beauty products that do a good job? Well, I’ve discovered a new ripper of a product, found at… Drum roll, my local Dollar King shop!  Introducing Milani’s Brow Fix Brow Kit.I was on the scout for a new brow powder as I dropped my holy grail brow powder (Mac’s Brun eyeshadow) on the bathroom tiles and it went everrrryyyywhere (you’d think I’d learn after I dropped it the first time). No tutorial on how to fix broken eyeshadow is going to fix that situation.  Then, serendipitously, Dollar King, a  budget friendly (PR speak for ‘cheap and cheerful’) shop, that sells a plethora of stuff you didn’t know you needed, opened up in Napier and… What the heck? They have a Milani stand*. I literally did a double take when I saw this; Milani is a brand that’s only been available to New Zealanders through online shopping and – it rocks.  Owned by the same company as Jordana, this is a super affordable brand deserves to be more widely available in NZ. I own several of their baked blushes and a few of their lipsticks –  I really rate all of them. So when I spotted this Brow Fix Kit for NZ$16 (e.g. $22 cheaper than my Mac Brun) I was sold and grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Cut to the chase, this is a great little product, albeit with a few downsides if I’m trying to be picky (I am, I take these reviews seriously, just for you). I’ll do the highlights first:

What’s good:

  • The kits come in three different shades: 01 Light, 02 Medium, 03 Dark. So there’s a colour for everyone. Blondes, go for Light. Mediums go for, well, mediums, darkies like me, go for dark. Can’t go wrong.milani kits
  • All kits come with three shadows. This includes two brow powders and a highlight colour (the palest shade) for, I presume, under your eyebrow as a brow highlight or, as an inner corner highlight (my favourite way to make look tired eyes seem awake).
  • I’ve also used all three powders as eyeshadows, they are fine! I do like a versatile product that does more than one thing.
  • The little brush it comes with is quite stiff and it’s perfect for applying the powder to the brows (though, to be picky, the handle is a tad short and slightly awkward to use). The little sponge applicator is good for applying the brow highlight.
  • This compact little kit makes it the perfect travel size.
Biff the tweezers, they won't even sort out a splinter. The little brush rocks though!
Biff the tweezers, they won’t even sort out a splinter. The little brush rocks though!

What’s not so good:

  • The tweezers suck, blinking useless. Bin ’em.
  • The packaging isn’t high quality, but but frankly my packaging expectations are not high when it comes to budget friendly cosmetics (case in point Jordana lipstick containers, but their lipsticks kick butt!)
  • The price: Yes, whilst reasonably priced compared to other NZ cosmetics these sell in the USA for $7. I’m a bit grumpy about that.

selfie 7 Jan 13All in all, for NZ$16 I’m a happy camper.  Here’s a selfie I took to show you my brows before and after. What a difference.

Price: NZ$16.
Where to buy: Dollar King (not all stores have them though, I know the one in Whakatane doesn’t for instance!). Or, online for $6.49 + postage from Cherry Culture (they ship internationally).

* If you are in Hawke’s Bay and go to Napier Dollar King, here’s a tip – the stand is hard to find, it’s tucked away to the right of the checkout!