Smokey Eye Tutorial (using the Naked 2 Palette)

Naked Palette 24I posted a selfie on Facebook that got the thumbs up, so I here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it!

I used Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette which I LOVE.  If you don’t own the Naked 2 Palette, don’t worry, I swatched the eyeshadows, and took closeups of the palette, so you can use similar colours!  On the pics on Facebook I went a little heavier in Steps 5 and 7 (by applying more of the colours Busted and Blackout).

This is a look that I love and have been wearing a lot lately – it’s easy to ramp up for night, or down play for day! (more…)

Eyelid primer – Why it’s worth it

SAMSUNG CSCI’ve banged on about eyelid primer before, but I’m still on that hobby horse. I just really want to share what a massive difference using an eyelid primer makes to creating a beautifully made-up eye. You can be using the best eyeshadow in the world, applied with the best eyeshadow brushes, but if you haven’t used an eyelid primer, well, you might be buggered really. Simple!

Moreish Skincare Review

SAMSUNG CSCHave you heard about Moreish? Nope, it’s not just when you eat something yummy and you must have to have more of it. Moreish is an all natural Kiwi skincare brand, made with argan oil and botanical extracts. The lovely ladies at Moreish made my day when they sent me a bunch of their products to review (and I was the envy of the office). I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my morning and evening beauty routine for the last month since these goodies arrived. (more…)

Your brows. Do them. Please.

Brows-001I’ve embarked on a new mission in life:  To encourage Kiwi woman to do their brows…  Why? A picture often speaks a thousand words. Check out these photos of well-known celebrities.  This is what a lot of women with neglected, pale eyebrows actually look like.  I rest my case. Kiwi women, we need to up our game, the rest of the world has been onto this for years.


Mila Kunis Inspired Eye Tutorial

Mila before and after eye

I’ve got a massive girl crush on the actress Mila Kunis, mainly, I confess, as I think her makeup is perfection. I love the sultry sexy smokey eye that is her trademark look, so I thought I’d have a bash at re-creating it. This is my ‘toned down’ day version. For a more evening appropriate look I ramp this up with a dark grey eyeshadow applied thickly along my upper lashline, black eyeliner on my waterline as well as smoked out on my lower lashline and, of course, lashings of mascara. This is my favourite look right now and – BONUS… It’s pretty quick to do! (more…)

Navy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Navy Smokey eyeLooking for a smokey eye that isn’t brown or grey? Here’s a smokey eye with a twist, using navy on the lid, a matt brown in the crease and white on the inner eye corner. It’s pretty easy, have a go! The great thing about this look is that you can easily copy the technique and substitute the navy eyeshadow for any dark colour (brown, grey, green, etc). Have fun and get creative! (more…)

How to make your eyes look bigger


Every now and then I do a makeup night with friends/colleagues where I teach a few tricks. This one always has people playing close attention, after all, who doesn’t want bigger, brighter eyes? The day I took these photos my eyes were in the perfect state, a bit bloodshot, tired from 6 hours sleep (up with a sick boy), and the bags under my eyes more pronounced than usual (damn genetics!). But hey, I’m approaching forty, and I refuse to remove my wrinkles on Photoshop, this is not Vogue! This trick brightens tired eyes and makes your eyelashes look super long with the help of Xlash. Good news too: These eyeshadow colours (or similar) as well as the techniques used will work on most skin tones and eye shapes. Give it a go, you’ll be impressed! Sleep? Who needs sleep? (more…)