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super fluffy pancakesIt was Shrove Tuesday this week and, for the first time ever, I remembered. My boys were jumping for joy at the thought of having my super fluffy pancakes for dinner as a special treat!  

I’ve made a lot of pancakes in my time – these are the best. No contest. These got demolished this week with our favourite accompaniments:  Bacon, banana and maple syrup.  Although I’ve been known to have these with cheese, bacon, jalapenos and hot sauce, as, apparently, I’m a bit odd.   No matter what the topping, these super fluffy pancakes are seriously light and fluffy as a result of egg whites folded into the batter.    We reckon these are the ultimate weekend breakfast and, according to my Hubby, my pancakes are better than those he pays $16 for from our local cafe. He’s not a man prone to compliments, so I’ll take that, thank you.    The kid reckons these are as good as McDonald’s Hot Cakes.  Sigh.

Oh – These are also the perfect treat for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or just on Saturday or Sunday.  Yeah, just try ’em.

super fluffy pancakes
Seriously: Check out how fluffy these bad boys are.