Pixi-Crayon-Combo-Wide-AwakeI rarely wake up feeling like I’ve had a cracking night’s sleep. My norm is staggering out of bed each morning, bitching about my unfortunate lack of willpower on social media/cleaning/tidying/reading/mindless internet surfing (the usual culprits that result in me hitting the sack far too late). This is why I’m a really big fan of ‘faking awake’ with makeup most mornings. I love applying a dab of light coloured shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eye and applying a matt nude eyeliner to my waterline (like this Rimmel one I waxed lyrical about in my January favourites blog post).  These two tricks alone and I can look like I’m firing on all cylinders, when, actually, I’m not.

Then I cottoned on to double-ended pencils: Nude eyeliner at one end for the waterline and a sparkly champagne colour at the other end to dab in the inner eye corner. No need to have two different products on hand and something transportable, easy to slip in your makeup bag for a weekend away.  Blinkin’ genius.  I had to get one.  Two minutes on Aunty Google and I discover that  a) Pixi makes such a pencil (I really like this brand)  b) ASOS stock them c) They are in stock and, d) They are on sale. What more can I say?

This product hasn’t disappointed. In fact, I’d go as far as to say this is my favourite beauty find so far this year! I’ve talked two friends into buying one (they folded like a set of cheap pocket knives after a quick demo).  This is precisely why this gem of a product isn’t getting a mere mention in my monthly favourites. Nope, it deserves it’s own  blog post.

Pixi Wide Awake Jumbo Crayon
Lighten (left) brighten (right)

So, how do you use the Pixi Wide Awake Jumbo Crayon? This double-ended dynamo has an end called ‘Brighten’: A matte waterproof nude/peach colour for the waterline. This removes any sign of redness and is an instant pick me up and, in my opinion, is a lot more natural looking than using a white eyeliner.  The other end, ‘Lighten’ is a lovely shimmery champagne shade with a bit of glow about it. I use this end on the inner corner of my eye as an instant eye brightener.  I also use ‘Brighten’ on my browbone (just in the arch of my eyebrow) and on my cupid’s bow.  As well as feigning a stellar night’s sleep, this also gives normal every day makeup serious X Factor.

Another must mention is how creamy the crayon is, I love how it just glides on without tugging or pulling on the skin.  Also, because the crayon is waterproof, it’s got good staying power, which is grand: I hate touching my makeup up during the day, the longer lasting, the better.  The price point is good too. This little beauty feels like high end product at a decent price. My wallet is smiling.

Pixi Wide Awake CrayonBottom line: If you are often tired, or are struggling to remember how old you are, you would be high fiving yourself if you got a Pixi Wide Awake jumbo crayon in your life.

Where to buy: ASOS or Beauty Bay

Price: NZ$30-35 (I got mine on sale for $25!)

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