jeans west curve embracer

I did a shout out on my Facebook page on Wednesday saying I needed new jeans and asked:

“Where does a curvy midget go for jeans that a) Won’t require taking up and b) Won’t require online shopping (poor track record)?”

I also relayed in the post that “I might end up at Jeanswest, again”, and that “I might get curve embracer jeans, again”. However, I also said I was open to new ideas. I was bombarded with brilliant suggestions! Thank you! Overwhelmingly though, I got told “go back to Jeanswest and get curve embracer jeans!”

I listened. I went yesterday.

Well, technically, I actually went out for coffee with my buddy Portia. Then we started talking about jeans (she’d read the Facebook thread) so we skulled back our coffee and raced to Jeanswest to check out the curve embracer jean. Portia often tells me I’m a bad influence. However, I hook her up with makeup cast-offs in return from offerings from her amazing vege garden. So we remain good friends.

Guess what? There was a SALE ON! 30% off storewide. It started yesterday. How serendipitous. Sorry, I’m not sure when the sale finishes. They said “it’s for a limited time” (very cloak and dagger).

What did I get?

No great surprise. I bought two pairs of curve embracer jeans in 7/8 cut (which is, presumably 3/4s for people that are a ‘normal’ height, however, it’s a great length on midgets, like me). One skinny pair in black with rips (I think the official term is distressed and ‘repaired’, I’m so not on trend) and a dark-ish blue colour, also skinnies. I wanted ‘ink’, the darkest blue, but they didn’t have that colour in that style. Oh well.

jeans west curve embracer jeans

Portia, on the other hand (who often says she’s “too tall” and I want to head butt her when she says that), also got jeans from the curve embracer range, this time from Jeanswest new Freeform 360 range. Portia, I understand, is wearing her jeans out tomorrow night (girls’ night out… Don’t expect any social media from me on Sunday…).

Here’s the two of us. We are both wearing Jeanswest curve embracer jeans in the size 14. This is what size 14 looks like on two different heights and body shapes.

jeans west curve embracer 2

Portia was, I might add, reluctantly (but consensually) in the photo. What a good sport. The top I’m wearing, incidentally, I got in December at the Clothes Swaparama night. What’s a swaparama night? Get all your girlfriends together, all bring your clothes you don’t want anymore, swap them and give any you don’t want to charity. All whilst drinking wine and eating cheese. That’s what.

Price? You ask? Two pairs of jeans (really nice jeans) for $130. WOW. Yay for the sale.

The style

jeans west curve embracer 4

There’s lots of different styles that fall under the ‘curve embracer banner’. I think I tried them all on.

There’s the original curve embracer style and now there’s a new range called the Freeform 360. I tried on a few pairs from this range alas, they didn’t work for me: Great in the legs, bum and tum, but holy crap, the waist was too small. Even when I sucked it in. Alas, I’m philosophical: You can’t win ’em all. The Freeform jeans are gorgeous, just not the jeans for me, they were for Portia though: Her’s were from the Freeform 360 range.

In case you can’t tell, I’m so happy with these jeans, and, I’m delirious about the price. The wonderful sales assistant even let us know that the jeans have a lifetime guarantee in relation to rivets, zippers, belt loops, and seams, etc. This is top intel. Plus, I recently just got some new custom needlepoint belts so I want to be able to show them off and of course, to do that, I need belt loops! But I knew that: Already own three pairs of these jeans (one is too small, like, really too small) and the others are a bit faded (they are two years old). That’s it, I only own three pairs of jeans. I say ‘only’ as my dear friend Lisa owns 14 (slight exaggeration, maybe) and often says to me “I can’t believe you own 3 pairs of jeans”. I, on the other hand, can’t believe she only owns 14 lipsticks. Different strokes, for different folks.

Quick Rundown

If you are new to this range then let me fill you in on the deets below. Or read here and here (the Freeform 360 range) from Jeanswest’s website.

  • These jeans are, stretchy, but still look like jeans.
  • They are designed to designed to fit to your true waist. Good news, there’s more shape through the hips so they actually fit your curves, not fight against them! According to Jeanswest website: They are the perfect fit on hourglass shapes. I agree.
  • Even if you don’t normally have an hourglass figure, you can use a latex waist trainer to help get the ideal figure for these jeans — look on to find out more.
  • There’s a length for everyone: Short, regular and long.
  • There’s an array of styles: Skinny, straight, cropped or classic
  • Ggreat array of colours: Distressed, stretch and a range of dark and light, black and washed indigo washes.

I’m a fan. Awesome jeans. If you are, like me, curvy and struggle with jeans: Check these out. You won’t regret it. Buy them online here. If you buy online and they aren’t right – Jeanswest, I’ve gleaned, pay for the return postage. Wow.

*Actually, I came home with one pair, the other pair is getting sent to me as they didn’t have my size (14) in the style I wanted. In store I’d poured my curves into a size 12 resulting in muffin top everywhere. Alas, the size was good enough to get the gist: But by God, I sitting down was not an option in the size 12. Good on the ‘getting it sent to me though’: I ordered in store. Paid in store. Got the sale price. Free delivery. Only bummer is they are coming from Aussie, which means it’s marginal I’ll be able to wear them to Adele next Thursday night in the Big Smoke. Did I mention I’m going to Adele? Anyone else going. I’m a little bit excited.