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roast vegetable salad

This is the roast vegetable salad that I took to a pot luck dinner on Saturday. I shared the photo on my Facebook page and it got a fair few thumbs up, as well as requests for the recipe. No worries – here you go!

As I made this roast vegetable salad (it’s a recipe that’s in my head), I realised I’ve never never made this the same way twice…  That’s because I always make it with whatever vegetables I have on hand and this will vary from season to season.  Sometimes I fold baby spinach leaves or rocket through the cooked and cooled veges at the end. Sometimes I use blue cheese instead of feta,..  Sometimes I use pinenuts or even dukkah instead of cashew nuts as a garnish.  You get the idea! Go with the  flow and tailor the recipe to suit your taste buds. Nevertheless, below is the recipe as I made it, exactly, on Saturday!  

This is a great addition as a side salad to a number of main courses, like a roast joint of meet, or even as a side with chicken breasts. I’ve also been known to use leftover roast vegetable salad in a frittata or in an omelette the next day. Super versatile: My kind of food.

Enjoy ūüôā