Last year I did a blog post last Christmas with ideas of affordable pressie for beauty geeks and foodies. A gift that’s certain to delight its recipient is one of the fruit baskets from Gift Tree, especially for the foodies out there! It was a hit, so, here’s 2016’s version.

Please note: I still reckon last year’s post had cracking recommendations so definitely check that out. Oh, I’m about to recommend a new twist on the Go Vino glasses.

Bonbon Vegan

bonbon vegan

I adore Bonbon Vegan. This Kiwi (Whakatane) beauty range is all 100% vegan, natural and unprocessed. Nice.

What is it? There’s bath products, body scrubs, soaps, washes, oils, deodorants, face oils, skincare and heaps more. I’ve only used their scrubs and body washes, but let me tell you: They bring me joy every time I use them. This makes them perfect presents for all beauty lovers of all ages (they do a manly range too!). True story, the husband of a friend rang me last week and said “I’m in Whakatane. I’m gonna get some of that smelly shit you posted on Instagram yesterday for the missus and the girls for Christmas. What do I buy?” LOL.

Their pricing is good for what is a unique, natural, high quality, handmade product. To give you an idea, their scrubs and body washes are $18.

Buy online here or visit a stockist (listed here). If you are in Rotorua, Portico Gallery on Pukuatua Street are BonBon Vegan stockists.

Go Vino Glasses

go vino review

I raved on about this range last Christmas. Read this to find out why they are so amazeballs.

This year they’ve added beer and cider glasses to the range. The beer glasses float my boat: They traditional pilsner shape. Genius. I’ve got these for hubby, who has turned into a craft beer brewer this year. I did think about using a beer label maker to create some labels for his beer bottles but I haven’t got round to it yet. Maybe it’s something for me to buy him next Christmas! These glasses are a great present for him: Coz I’ll get to use them too. Ha. $34.95. Breaking news: Go Vino’s new range in stores is dishwasher safe (very exciting for those of us who are too lazy to handwash…).

Buy online here. Want to buy in store? Here’s a list of stockists, noting Go Vino are just in the process of updating it (hold fire). FYI, If you are in Whakatane, White Gold are stockists: That’s where I got mine… I bloody adore that shop.

Beyoutifi Moroccan Argan Oil


I expressed my love for this Argan oil in my November Favourites blog post. This oil, which is packed full of goodies is, simply, glorious. I use it all over my body, on my cuticles, on my hair. I love a product that does multiple things. However, it’s on my face that I’ve had big success. I whack 2-3 drops on at the end of my beauty regime, then I hop into bed. As a result, my skin is glowing, less oily and, well, just really healthy looking.

I flirt with (largely natural-based) skincare products a lot: This Argan Oil is one product that will remain a firm staple. I see on Beauty Lounge this oil has got five stars from32 reviews. It seems lots of people agree with me that it’s liquid gold.

Buy online from The Beauty Lounge (these guys have AWESOME customer service) and there’s free overnight courier delivery. Boom. Note, I also get my fLash eyelash serum from The Beauty Lounge).



Given I’ve got two (tea-guzzling) English parents it’s hard to believe that I only started drinking tea five years ago. It was on a trip to Melbourne that my bestie Rhonda “Christ, you drink a lot of coffee. Try this”, and thrusted a mug up of Melbourne Breakfast Tea at me.

That moment was a game-changer. Melbourne Breakfast is still my tea of choice. Since then I’ve spent more hard earned coin at T2 than I’d like to admit. No trip to Aucks or Welly is complete without a trek to T2.

Present ideas wise, a simple box of tea would totally fry a tea lover’s burger. One of their exquisite tea cups and saucers ($40 mark) will have a tea lover foaming at the mouth. I should know, I’ve got one and I get a happy little heart flutter every time I use it. There’s tea cups too (Japanese style, no handle) around the $12 mark.

Don’t rule out T2 as pressies for kids. My 10 year old loves their strawberries and cream tea, I get him a box for Christmas every year. This tea is part of the fruit tisane tea range and you can also drink them cold. These are big hits for ‘foodie kids’.

These teas are the perfect present to pair with a personalized photo mug (Personalisierte Foto Tasse) for a reminder of family, friends or pets whenever you drink these hot treats.

Buy online here (free shipping in NZ with purchases over $70) or get into a T2 shop near you. Rotorua folk: Get into Capers, they stock all the stuff. I took the pic above in Capers. So pretty.

Note, T2’s website is overwhelming. Click here for gift ideas if like me you are short on, ah, patience. Note, I’m not sure if online orders are sent from NZ, or from Aussie. So, just in case stuff is sent from Aussie, run, Forrest, run!

L’oreal’s Mythic Shimmering Oil

loreal mythic-oil shimmering oil

Folk with good memories will remember in my August Faves blog post I waxed lyrical about L’oreal’s Mythic Shimmering Oil. At the time I said “this would make a fab Xmas/birthday present”.

What is it? This is a shimmer oil that contains gold particles. It can be used on body or hair (lightly). You end up getting a J-Lo glow on and you just feel like a princess. I adore the scent: Magnolia essential oil.

Where to buy? From hair salons that stock L’Oreal. I got mine from Rotorua’s Salon St Bruno. I paid around NZ$40 for this, the 100ml bottle will last you AGES. The packaging is gorgeous, the bottle is glass and has that “pricey/lux” feel about it.

A Fun Makeup Bag

For a beauty lover, makeup bags are always a hit. I like the quirky makeup bags that have a funny slogan on them, like these one below, from Iko Iko (priced $25-32).

funny makeup bags nz

Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush Set


I’m a big time fan of this brand of makeup brushes/accessories from Beauty You Tube giants Pixiwoo. This Real Techniques have this limited edition multi-task set that’s got some super goodies that I WANT. The set contains three exclusive brushes (that aren’t available as singles or in other sets) and a cute little makeup storage/ doofer.

Brushes are: An angled face brush which can be used to set powder, apply bronzer and contour. A cheek brush, perfect for blush or highlighting. It’s the eye brush I really want to get my mitts on. This looks like the perfect blending blush, as well as perfect for applying colour to the crease, highlighting the brow bone and smudging colour along the lashline.

You can get this set from Farmers for $49. This price makes me cross as you can also get these from iHerb in the USA for NZ$21.06 (it’s currently on sale, down from $28). Man, we get FLEECED in NZ. If you get your skates on, you can get this from iHerb in time for Christmas, I buy from iHerb all the time, delivery is fast, service is tip top.

Cotton Pad Dispenser


The reason I’m mentioning this rather random sounding item as a gift idea is: Every time I do a makeup lesson, or someone goes uses my en-suite they eye my cotton pad dispenser and say something like “That’s a good idea, I need one of those!” That means this item has all the hallmarks of a good present idea, right? Actually, I don’t know anyone else, except my buddy Jeanette, who has one… Hmmm! I bought this for myself – I use cotton pads morning and night for toning, makeup correction, makeup removal and more.

Price: These are around the $20 mark. They are surprisingly tricky to find. Briscoes have a set of three dispensers (here). Storage Box sells ’em too.

Tanna Farms Coconut Oil


I’d better keep this short because you will be SICK of hearing me bang on about coconut oil! I recently discovered Tanna Farms, a Vanuatu company, who make, by hand, cold pressed organic extra-virgin coconut oil. Their products are BEAUTIFUL and their coconut oil is one of my 2016 top beauty finds. The gift basket would be a stunning gift, this contains a 200ml jar of coconut oil, two mini soaps and a lip balm. At $22.95 (exc GST) this is ripper value.

Order online here. Shipping is $5.50 within NZ. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping,

There’s a limited number of stockists in NZ, find them here. Noting, some stockists have a limited range. Buy online is my recommendation, or ring ahead and see if the stockist has what you want.


Port is my ‘go to’ present, usually for men, when I don’t know what else to buy them. However, I’m a Port lover (especially accompanied with a slice of ginger bread, a dried Turkish fig and some Kikorangi Blue cheese). Thus, it occurred to me that if someone gave me a bottle as a gift, I’d be rapt. I don’t have a particular favourite of Port. But I’m planting the seed… Why not?
Otherwise, what about a bottle of Limoncello? Who doesn’t like that?!

Personalised Phone Case

Everyone has a mobile phone, right? Not everyone has a personalised case for that mobile phone, though. That makes this a great present for anyone. Get a high-quality leather case and personalise it with the name of the person receiving the gift. You can choose a number of styles of text to suit the recipient. Head over to Mobile Mob to check these out.

Last notable mention, shopping wise, check out the Kiwi website Not Socks, some great affordable (and quirky) pressie options there.

The End

Phew! All done! Shit that took a while to write that. What ideas have you got? Flick ’em my way!


Here’s a couple of other cracking blog posts by some fellow Kiwi bloggers. Lena Talks Beauty and I are totes on the same page about that Real Techniques Multi-Brush set, whilst Best Nest did this cracking SHORT post on pressie ideas under $20 (I need that Adele mug “Hello, it’s Tea” in my life).