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In case you missed the back story and are wondering, “what’s Lou on about now? What’s World Organics?”, I announced via a Facebook post (below) a few weeks ago about the decision to join the World Organics team.  This followed my review of a couple of World Organics products for my blog (I wrote this post). Long story short, trying out World Organics’ primer and concealer, coupled with a lot of research, lead me to make a big decision: To hop on board the World Organics train and become a consultant. Why? Because their philosophy resonates with me and, simply the makeup products I tried were that good!


I wrote this Facebook post above in the car. Hubby and I were heading to Tauranga to meet friends for dinner. I took an ‘on the go’ selfie to showcase World Organics’ makeup and also, well, I was stoked with how the look turned out! The lovely response to this Facebook post had me grinning ear to ear – thank you.  Also, seeing as people asked what makeup products I was wearing in the photo, I thought I’d share all the deets.

So, here you go. All the products. Yip, it is a lot of product, but when I’m doing a full-on evening look, it usually is and let’s be honest, I do wear a fair amount of makeup daily! All up, it took me 25 minutes to do this face. Again, this time frame is fairly standard for me when I’m going out, remember I’m a makeup artist (self taught) and makeup is my No1 Hobby! I also like to look and feel good, so it’s an investment of time I’m happy to make. Ha, it’s also an opportunity cost, we walked out and the house was a bomb site!

World Organics Lou's StoreApplication steps


  • Prime: I applied Purely Primer (in Rose Gold) all over my face. I’ve got oily skin. If I don’t wear a primer my makeup slides off and I’m left glistening and shiny. Ugh.  This primer definitely helps keep my base in place.
  • Foundation: I applied Luminous Foundation (Caramel) all over my face (except my eyelid and under-eye area) and blended it in with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Caramel is the perfect shade for me. Pleasingly, for my neutral skin it has yellow (as opposed to pink) undertones. Note: I’ve since discovered that the best way to apply this foundation, on my skin type anyway, is with a sponge (like this one).  If you want to cross-reference this colour with a well known brand, my MAC foundation colour is NW25.
  • Conceal: I applied Caramel concealer under my eyes (I was full of bull-puckey in the original post I wrote reviewing World Organics, their concealer is fine under the eyes, opps). I also concealed a few lingering zit scars and a bit of redness around my nose. I always use an eyeshadow brush to conceal (not my finger) as it helps with blending and, well, it looks better!
  • Setting time: I set my foundation with a light dusting of World Organics Mineral Foundation Powder in the colour Shell powder. Again, jackpot: This is the perfect colour for me. I wear this mineral foundation on it’s own too (i.e. not over a BB cream or foundation). It has gorgeous sheer coverage and it wears well on my oily skin type. I’ve had sod-all success with mineral foundations in the past. 
  • Blush and highlight: Tulip blush was applied, using my fingers, to the apples of my cheeks and then I swept this up my cheekbones. On the top of my cheekbones I used the Luminiser in the colour Rose Gold.  Again, I used my fingers!

Eyes and LipsWorld Organics Lou's Store

  • world-organics-eye-shadow-palette-twilight-starEyeshadows: I’ll do a quick video of swatches of the Twilight Eyeshadow Palette and share it on Facebook.  As an executive summary: These are some of the best eyeshadows I’ve used, EVER. To keep this brief, 
    • Colourwise: I have on the inner half of my eyelid the lighter gold colour.
    • On the outer half, the darker gold.
    • Then in the outer corner, the dark purple.
    • Note: I used Makeup Geek’s Creme Brulee eyeshadow to blend out the crease (as this palette doesn’t have a matte medium brown colour suited to blending).
    • On the lower lashline I had a mix of the two gold colours.  In my inner corner I’ve used the silver colour. I had to use all the colours in the palette. Right?!
  • Mascara: Confession time, I’m wearing two! I curled my eyelashes and set the curl in place with my favourite Essence mascara ($4.75). Once that had dried and the curl was locked in, I whacked on two coats of World Organics Mascara.
  • Lippy: I’m wearing Wisteria with a touch of World Organics lipgloss in the colour Barefoot on top (I forgot to include that in ‘products used’ – opps). Wisteria is a pink lipstick with a hint of purple. If, like me, you are obsessed with MAC Syrup lipstick you’ll love Wisteria. It is such a versatile lippy, you can dress it up and down, just like a little black dress. You can eat it too: It’s all organic, won’t kill ‘ya.

I was rapt with how my makeup turned out. It also wore beautifully.  I have no idea why I was so sceptical about organic makeup… Sigh.   Sometimes you have to try these things to become a believer!  The quality of the makeup is bang on, noting I’ve now been road testing various bits of it over the past weeks. All of the products, apart from the mascara would be repeat purchases for me. I hasten to add there’s nothing I dislike about the mascara, remember I only use waterproof stuff. I’m actually really impressed with the mascara wand: You’d have to be a real muppet to end up with clumped mascara or spider-leg looking lashes. If you have issues with allergies from mascara, give this a go: There’s NO baddies (all the makeup is certified organic).

My Faves Products so far?

The blush, luminiser, eyeshadow palette and concealer. LOVE. The blush and luminiser are super spesh: These are both multi-use’ products. Today I’m wearing Tulip blush as both a blush and a lipstick. I’ve also mixed the luminiser with the blush to achieve a paler pink blush colour.

How to buy World Organics

Easy. You buy online here*. World Organics uses a direct sales model, so you can’t find their beautiful products in store (which I think is great: No middle man and thus, their pricing is sharp).

Please give me a yell if you’ve got any questions. How, a PM through Facebook is ideal or email me: [email protected]. I’m here to help you feel like your most beautiful you, everyday!

* If you hate ordering things online, don’t! Send me a PM with all your details (address etc), you can pay me for the product and I’ll order for you. I’m all about making it as easy as possible for you.

My Dressserena-frill-dress

For the sake of completion, I must share a proper photo of the dress I was wearing in the original Facebook photo. Sorry, I didn’t take one of me in it!

It’s the Serena Frill Dress from Just Jeans and it’s OFS (off-the shoulder). Yes, it’s black: Not like me: I’m a bright colour lover, however this was so flattering I relented.   This dress is also versatile. I wore it out for dinner, but you could totally whack on some sandals/jandals and a straw hat and wear it to the beach (I plan to). 

In terms of the OFS style (which is on-trend right now) I thought the style wouldn’t be for me as I have huge boobs, but I found a decent strapless bra in my wardrobe and it’s fine.  I also love that this style covers my chunky upper arms (you rarely see me in anything sleeveless).  Overall the style is so flattering and the length is great on me (I’m a dinky 5″1). A word of warning, the sizing is generous. I’m usually a 14, but this dress is a 12. We like that.

Price? Full price it is $70 but I got mine on sale for $50 (the sale is still on!) 

Now, if you know my husband, you’ll know he’s not a man who is prone to compliments. I got a “you look sexy” out of him. Then he told me to hurry up and get in the car. #winning.