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ELF Makeup – Touched down in NZ! Hit or miss?

imageI’ve heard glowing reviews about ELF’s makeup and cosmetics range via beauty bloggers and fellow makeup geeks.  ELF (short for Eyes, Lips, Face) is a well known makeup brand from the USA with a cheap price point, e.g. Under US$5 (in the USA).   Being a bit of a beauty cheapskate, it’s been a real frustration to me that, up until last week, ELF has only been available to Kiwis via online shopping.

A few months ago I heard an exciting rumor that ELF was coming to Kmart in New Zealand. That rumour turned out to be 100% true and, fast forward to now, ELF is established in most Kmart stores nationwide (albeit most stores have reportedly sold out already!).

To show my dedication to  you, lovely readers, I decided to do some research.  So, for the hefty sum of NZ$18 I purchased three items:  An ‘Eyebrow Kit’, an eyelash curler and a tube of cream highlighter/shimmer.  After all that hype, were these hit, or miss? (more…)

Foolproof Pick Me Up: Pixi Wide Awake Crayon

Pixi-Crayon-Combo-Wide-AwakeI rarely wake up feeling like I’ve had a cracking night’s sleep. My norm is staggering out of bed each morning, bitching about my unfortunate lack of willpower on social media/cleaning/tidying/reading/mindless internet surfing (the usual culprits that result in me hitting the sack far too late). This is why I’m a really big fan of ‘faking awake’ with makeup most mornings. I love applying a dab of light coloured shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eye and applying a matt nude eyeliner to my waterline (like this Rimmel one I waxed lyrical about in my January favourites blog post).  These two tricks alone and I can look like I’m firing on all cylinders, when, actually, I’m not. (more…)

You really should get that line seen to…

Avon Clinical Anew Line Corrector Hydrating Cream with A-F333 blog reviewAbout three years ago a wonderful friend (who shall remain nameless) and I were bitching and moaning about the perils of aging, including the overnight onset of wrinkles. Not to be outdone by her whinging about her wrinkles I pointed to the crease running across the center of my forehead. “Oooooh yes”, she said, peering closer. “You really should get that seen to!”. Ouch! Now I’ve got to be honest, I did contact Jarrod Little to see what options I had when it came to wrinkle removal cosmetic procedures, but I just don’t have the courage to fight the stigma attached to such things. I wish I did because I’m sure I’d look much better for it and wouldn’t have to keep dealing with rude comments like those, but I guess that serves me right for pointing it out in the first place! We will all age and there isn’t much that can be done about it. Saying that though, there are clinics like the victorian cosmetic institute that offer treatments that could help reduce the signs of aging and improve the appearance of deep-set wrinkles.

Where some people may decide to get botox to tighten the skin, others may stick to using skincare products to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With that being said, if this is something that you can relate to, it may be worth it to click here to take a look at some skincare products that could help with this concern. When it comes to skincare, it is hit or miss. Even if something works for one person, doesn’t mean it has the same effect for everyone else. But you don’t know if you don’t try.


A few of my favourite things – October

I guess it’s no secret I buy a lot of beauty products (and try a lot of food!). Frequently I use an awesome product, or consume something amazing and I think to myself “I must blog about this so other people know about it…” So, starting now, I thought at the start of each month I’ll do a quick and dirty round up of my favourite Beauty Foodie things for the previous month. Here we go… 🙂

9400571744920Health Basics Shower Gel: These are Kiwi made with lots of goodies: Soap free, paraben free, hypo-allergenic fragrances and if you are a neat freak, you’ll like that these can hang upside down in the shower and they have a drip free nozzle (I’m definitely getting old appreciating things like this!). I liked how this product cleansed yet is gentle on the skin. The great price point also gets the thumbs up. All up, a great family shower gel. NZ$5 from all supermarkets. (more…)

Moreish Skincare Review

SAMSUNG CSCHave you heard about Moreish? Nope, it’s not just when you eat something yummy and you must have to have more of it. Moreish is an all natural Kiwi skincare brand, made with argan oil and botanical extracts. The lovely ladies at Moreish made my day when they sent me a bunch of their products to review (and I was the envy of the office). I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my morning and evening beauty routine for the last month since these goodies arrived. (more…)